Download Bite Of Loyalty [PDF] By R.L. Caulder

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Bite Of Loyalty book pdf download for free or read online, also Bite Of Loyalty pdf was written by R.L. Caulder.

R.L. Caulder is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in her writing den away from the intense heat of the Florida sun with her husband and furry writing assistants MeowMeow and Winrey. Life is never boring for R.L., who has hundreds of imaginary friends constantly vying for his attention and begging for their stories to be told.

BookBite Of Loyalty
AuthorR.L. Caulder
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Bite Of Loyalty Book PDF download for free

Bite Of Loyalty Book PDF download for free

Bite of Loyalty is the first book in the Blood Oath series. It’s a reverse harem paranormal romance starring a female lead with a backbone of steel and three men who will fight tooth and nail while she’s on her quest for revenge. If you love romance between enemies and lovers (without male intimidation), dark secrets, brave and strong heroines, and forbidden love, look no further.

Bite Of Loyalty Book Pdf Download

This is the first book in the Blood Oath series, one of many reverse harem series set in the Dark Imaginarium Academy universe. As R.L. revealed the cover, I knew I had to read this book and I wasn’t disappointed! It was amazing!!! His best moment.

Bite of Loyalty is a twist on the hunter/vampire story and stars Alina Van Helsing as the main character. Just before her twenty-first birthday party, Alina’s world is changing and with nowhere else to go, she accepts an invitation to attend the Imaginarium Academy, where the best shapeshifters, witches, demigods, goblins, demons and vampires will learn them. And where does he take his revenge? But fate has some other plans for her.

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I have no words to express how good this book was without spoiling it. And the tension… cook’s kiss I need the next book now! No seriously, I NEED IT NOW!

Congratulations, R.L., this book was perfect.

This book is the another very excellent addition to the Dark Imaginarium Academy! I love it I love it I totally love it!

Alina is a Van Helsing and is scheduled to take over next. On her 21st birthday, her family is killed and she becomes a vampire. Alina seeks revenge and vows to kill anyone who had anything to do with the massacre of her family and friends.

She is taken to the Dark Imaginarium Academy to help her learn control and hone her skills. There he meets Lincoln and Andrei. There’s a dizzying love-hate relationship between them all and that’s what I’m here for!

I love all of the characters and the little glimpses into some of the characters from the other books.

I have so much so much more to say to you guys, but I don’t want to spoil anything! Just read it! You will not regret it!

GET READY FOR A CLIFFHANGER THAT WILL DROP YOU! I need the next book ASAP! R.L. Caulder knows how to write books that just suck you in and don’t let go, leaving you wanting more!

Bite of Loyalty is the latest book in the Dark Imaginarium Academy universe. In this book, the FMC, Alina comes from the well-known family of vampire hunters, the Van Helsings. One night her life is turned upside down and now she visits the DIA to learn how to live as a new vampire and achieve her goal of revenge. Alina really is a bad @$$ and being a vampire makes her much stronger and more skilled.
I loved this story very much and can’t wait to see what happens next!

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The book begins with our FMC Alina, a hunter who loses her family to a vampire attack and becomes the sole survivor of the House of Van Helsing, which rules over all hunters. In the same case, Alina becomes a vampire, forcing her to leave the territory of the assassins. From here, Alina is accepted into the Dark Imaginarium Academy. His goal is to avenge his family against the vampires and their king, Dracula.

Alina is exactly what I’m looking for in an FMC, she has nerve and tenacity. I enjoyed the tension between these two Alina and her men.

I definitely can’t wait to see how the next book develops in terms of plot and flavor.

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