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Kingdom Of Villains book pdf download for free or read online, also Kingdom Of Villains pdf was written by Ella Fields.

USA Today and international bestselling author Ella Fields lives in Australia with her husband, two children and furry creatures.

A lover of chocolate, love, magic and words, she enjoys exploring the emotional chaos of rarely written “what ifs” across various romance genres.

BookKingdom Of Villains
AuthorElla Fields
Size1.6 MB

Kingdom Of Villains Book PDF download for free

Kingdom Of Villains Book PDF download for free

A dark fairy prince with an animal secret. A fairytale princess who is curious about things that are best left alone. A bond that turns enemies into lovers. A love that could cost her her life…

Kingdom of Villains is completely self-contained and unconnected to any other Ella Fields novel. No voltage. It’s a lover/foe fantasy with a whirlwind, swooning romance.

Kingdom Of Villains Book Pdf Download

Kingdom of Villains is my favorite Ella Fields book so far. I KEPT this story and fell madly in love with Colvin and Fia. This book touched every inch of my soul and took my breath away several times. I felt all the strong feelings Colvin and Fia had for each other.

I can’t even begin to explain how intense those feelings were or how they were able to touch me through the pages. Ella’s talent for world building and imagery is incredible, and her books really transport you to a new world. The narration of this book is great with an epic plot that leaves you wanting more. KOV has all the nice touches of today’s fantasy with steam, action and of course Ella’s famous FEAR.

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Colvin is hands down my FAVORITE Ella character of all time. He’s sweet, romantic, sexy, possessive and one of the most understanding men of all time. The way he has protected Fia from others and from himself while allowing her to adjust to her new life gives her butterflies in her stomach. These two should be together.

Fia was just amazing! She is one of the strongest, funniest and most interesting Ella heroines I have ever read! Her reluctance to accept her fate becomes an intriguing tug of war between her and Colvin. As independent as can be, strong and fierce, she has always struggled to find her place in her kingdom until Colvin shows up and turns her world completely around her axis.

When Fia finally starts to let go of some of her anger and opens her heart to Colvin, she knows it’s over. Colvin fits in with her every step of the way and she knows there’s no way she can give him up, he’s her monster.

Fia the Feral, as she is known in the Unseelie realm, is the sole heir to the King of the Seelie, her uncle, but she doesn’t care about court politics or costumes, preferring to spend her time in the woods when she encounters three Narlows creatures . who are usually just babies from the Unseelie realm and have no mother, she smuggles them into the castle to try and take care of them.

Fia takes her to the dungeon in hopes of hiding her, but what she finds there is Colvin, the invisible prince, being held captive. He tells her how to take care of the Narlows and even watches her when she’s not around. When Fia learns that the prince is about to be executed, she does the unthinkable and helps him escape without really knowing why she is doing it.

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He leaves her with a kiss and disappears back into his kingdom. Later, Fia learns that the prince is not all he seems: a deep Beloe is in pursuit of a bloodthirsty beast that must be killed rather than allowed to roam, and she frees him. She hopes he kept his word not to tell anyone, but her hopes are dashed when the Unseelie Queen shows up and storms her birthday, angry that her son has been captured. He demands payment in the form of Fia’s hand to his son, a way of joining the kingdoms after his uncle was so willingly betrayed.

Fia is taken to the dark realm, her new home, and the clock ticks down to her marriage to the man she freed from her dungeon.
When he first meets his dragon and the bloodthirsty beast surprises everyone by not eating, they realize that what they have read is true, that the one who must tame the bloodlust is the beast.

But betrayal and lies lie close to the surface and Colvin holds information from Fia in more ways than one because although he found it, what if it wasn’t coincidence after all but a well executed plan and bond with Fia? it was never part of an eternal plan. But one thing is for sure, he underestimated how strong and determined Fia was, because once he makes it his own, he can never hunger for anyone but her again.

I definitely recommend reading

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