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Nova book pdf download for free or read online, also Nova pdf was written by Cara Clare.

BookNova ( The Phoenix Prophecy Book 1 )
AuthorCara Clare
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Nova Book PDF download for free

Nova Book PDF download for free

Nova’ is the first book in The Phoenix Prophecy series. It is a full length paranormal reverse harem novel with graphic sexual content, crossing swords, possible triggers and a cliffhanger. It is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Nova Book Pdf Download

That was a delicious start to a new story! The depth of the characters and the relationship interactions were amazing and completely pulled me into the world.
Nova is a combination of fragility and strength, calm but tormented, and confident but still a little insecure. guys where do i start.

Luther (I think we’ve learned less about him so far) is a fire warlock who hates humans, including Nova, despite being attracted to her.
Mack (Snow, Daddy) is the polar bear shapeshifter I can’t wait to learn more about, but he’s the loyal and unwavering force of the group.

Tanner (how can we find him because he’s amazing) as an empath, he’s also the heart of the boys. He may be protected, but it’s not his fault with Nova.

Kole (mmm again!) is the tormented seer who ran away for him. and he’s still so strongly attracted to Nova that it shouldn’t be possible.

As we follow the story, we see Nova discover that she is not human as she has always believed, and as she goes into hiding, she makes her way to the Phoenix Falls. Which brings us to Phoenix Prophecy, Nova meeting the boys, learning about hate groups while navigating a whole new future. But what about his past? Is it the key to finding out what’s going on? How does this all tie together and aren’t they the only ones who know of Nova’s connection to the prophecy?

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I literally couldn’t put the book down once I started, it was amazing and kept me hooked right up to this really steep cliffhanger. I’m almost on my second book and that shows what a great story and author it is!

The author is not in the US so be careful with the spelling of things that may appear different if it is leading you out of a story or certain sentences. (example: hoop, magic where she sat). It took me a second and I had to use my Kindle feature to check I didn’t miss anything when the story said tires! So you have been warned!

Cliffs?: Yes! The book ends with SUCH A CLIFFHANGER! BUT it was so good and I’m SO EXCITED for the next book in the series!

I LOVE Nova and her character development that we see as well as all her men! They are so hot and so loved them and can’t wait to see how they interact in the future and how all the relationships develop. ations in the series and how the prophecy unfolds.

We are introduced to Nova who is in an abusive relationship (they haven’t given us many details but it could definitely trigger some so check the TWs and go in knowing this) and her boyfriend who is in a league, I’m NOT in I don’t LIKE supers/humans with any kind of magic.

She gets beaten and branded and eventually finds a way out of her situation and ends up in Phoenix Falls (a magical area that definitely sounds like Mystic Falls [Vampire Diaries] vibes) where she meets the boys. Kole (who gets me freaking hot!), Tanner (who looks like a golden retriever friend), Mack (who is that hot professor we all love), and Luther (who comes across as very damaged/emotionally distant and not being seems to show his feelings towards Nova, especially her).

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She’s instantly attracted to everyone (I mean, who wouldn’t be right?) and I love watching her interact with the harem considering the only relationship she’s ever had is with her abusive ex was causing a lot of drama for them folks, awesome. . I also love the interaction we have between all the guys, some of them I find very intriguing and very attractive. We got a scene from MM and damn it was HOT HOT HOT!

This book was very interesting, but I feel like her transition from being a scared girl in fear of her ex to falling in love with Tanner was SO FAST. I wrote it down twice while reading. I also feel that the author has hastily given us answers to issues that I feel should be laid out and handed to us later, and in a less obvious way here is the answer, but I was also confused about one the viewpoints that was later. it showed who he was and how he acted in the book and series.

I’m in love with the cliffhanger ending too! I can’t wait to talk about this in the next book the author plans to publish shortly after this one!

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