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Bitter Discord book pdf download for free or read online, also Bitter Discord pdf was written by K.N. Banet.

KN Banet enjoys reading books that make people cry. She enjoys writing books that make people cry (and he wants to hear about that). She firmly believes that nothing and nobody in this world is perfect and she enjoys exploring those imperfections and trying to make the characters on the site look real and not just in her head.
However, she might be crazy. His characters believe so, but this cannot be confirmed.

BookBitter Discord ( Jacky Leon Book 3 )
AuthorK.N. Banet
Size1.7 MB

Bitter Discord Book PDF download for free

Bitter Discord Book PDF download for free

I’m going to host a werecat get-together to discuss the recent changes in our little world, changes that I have largely caused. I told Hasan I would take care of it, and I will if he doesn’t believe in me.
For this to work, I have to be vigilant. Humans are watching my every move, my werewolves are vulnerable, and werecats are wild.

Three factions, one city, and years of animosity and betrayal between them.

And then there I am: Jacky Leon or Jacqueline, Hasan’s daughter. Werecat’s representative for humanity, my father’s representative for America and fiancé of a renegade alpha werewolf.

Bitter Discord Book Pdf Download

This was one of the slower books in the series. Banet even acknowledged this in his closing note. I can respect and appreciate that, even if it doesn’t become one of my favorites on the show. I say that because Banet made this series and its entire storyline complex as a whole. This is not light paranormal reading.

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There are complex networks written into its storylines. Banet has written a world and characters that I enjoy and respect because they have the depth and maturity that many of the similar protagonists in other series in this genre lack. So yeah, that was a bit of a filler book. But it builds on and enriches more important stories. This book allows the reader to see the character development and tie up some loose ends while paving the way for others.

I love Jacky Leon’s books and all the books in the Tribunal series. This book was a bit different; More politics, less action. There was still action at a slower pace, but we met more cats.

I loved watching Jacky and Suri’s relationship grow stronger. I would have liked a more romantic chapter with Jacky and Heath, but this time it was all business.

To the Author: Please give Jacky and Heath more time in the next book! Their relationship is the basis of the stories and I would like more of that. Also write a book in which all the characters from the Tribunal books work together. It would be a great book!

I loved! Werewolves and cats have spent hundreds of years immersed in hatred. Always at war to kill each other just to kill each other. Jacky as a werecat engaged to an alpha werewolf is a major betrayal. One who didn’t guide the werecats he’s supposed to protect at all. It was so nice to finally address the concerns of the cats. Jacky and her older sister Zuri are throwing a party for the werecats. Not everyone who loves or respects them. Some are downright hostile.

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Add to that her father Hassan being difficult and downright homicidal with his fiancée and we have fuel for a wildfire waiting to erupt. When one of his cat guests is killed and one of his werewolves goes missing, he must race against the clock to find out what happened and why before an interspecies war erupts between the Cursed of the Moon. I love the familial aspect of how we deal with relationships in this book. I can’t wait for book 9

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