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Landon book pdf download for free or read online, also Landon pdf was written by Marie James.

Marie James: I’m a full-time writer, mother of two, and a wife of 16 years.

I’ve lived most of my life in central Texas, with brief stints in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

Writing is my passion and I love to sit down and let all my thoughts and emotions flow into my stories.

I love dogs, coffee and exciting romance novels!

BookLandon ( Cerberus MC Book 22 )
AuthorMarie James
Size1.2 MB

Landon Book PDF download for free

Landon Book PDF download for free

You ruined a lifelong friendship the night you kissed me.
I spent my next three years avoiding him.
Well… at least I tried.

Since my father was a member of Cerberus MC and his father was married to one of the members, this was practically impossible.

Just as it was essential to look at his mouth when he spoke.
The same thing happened when I looked at his hands and remembered how they felt on my skin that night.

Senior year of the college, after years of keeping the distance, we ended up in the same dorm.
Dodging is no longer an option…
Landon is a novel about bi-awakening, best friends to enemies to lovers.

Landon Book Pdf Download

Landon is the twenty-second Cerberus MC book, narrated in dual POV. I can’t even i don’t have words to describe how much I loved this book! Maybe I want to shake you both up a bit and I can’t get enough of this series!

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Landon is a Cerberus kid, his parents are Kid and Khloe, when I read this series from book one I saw him grow up so this book made me feel like a proud aunt.
Rick was introduced on the show as Landon’s best friend, but we really saw their friendship firsthand in Book 14, Colton. Colton Matthew is Rick’s father and he married a Cerberus daughter, Sophia, but the boys have been best friends since kindergarten.

Fat as thieves and always side by side until a terrible tragedy strikes one night, Rick makes what he later believes to be the biggest mistake of his life. The “fault” sealed a distance between them for three long years, who longed to continue acting like best friends at family gatherings but ignore each other in college and on the football field. Until the summer break, before the senior years come to an end and the construction of the gymnasium forces them to have roommates … words are spoken, misunderstandings arise and feelings are revealed.

Mary James! You’ve done it again and I can’t tell you how much I loved the Landon and Rick story! I look forward to the Spade book!

The Cerberus MC series has been a bloody rollercoaster ride through the last 21 books! Issue #22 is another winner, taking readers on an emotionally intense journey of two lifelong friends and the feelings that develop to tear them apart before bringing them back together. It’s a journey of accepting yourself, accepting the love of those who offer it to you, and not letting the judgments of others pull you away from your HEA. This is a story that stretches for years and breaks your heart from the start before a satisfying ending brings a smile to your face.

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Rick and Landon were friends for years before a traumatic event prompted Rick to confess his secret love to his best friend. It’s a moment that tears them apart, however, as Landon is unable to admit what he’s fought for for years…that he feels the same about his friend. My heart broke for Rick in that moment, for being brave enough to admit the truth about what’s in his heart and being rejected…indeed ignored for years before fate brought them back together as roommates, whose closeness to Landon resulted in his true feelings no longer being able to be hidden.

I really liked Rick throughout his frustrating and emotional journey. He had a big heart that he just wanted to give to Landon, he just wanted to be seen as someone Landon could love rather than be kept at a distance. Landon particularly frustrated me because of his indifference to the harm he was doing to Rick, pain that stemmed mostly from his indecisiveness and his fear of how others might see him. He once admitted his feelings, even though he was fully committed and his actions began to charm me.

Her journey to HEA has been hard-fought, a journey that has tested her and the readers. Things may have started out slow but got steamy halfway through tender and sensual encounters. When these two started talking, I was touched by their maturity and openness about what it means to be together. Although this book is part of the Cerberus MC series, it focuses solely on Landon and Rick. Minor characters, family and friends are featured, but the storyline is totally emotional as we see these two men fall in love with each other. It’s a heartfelt read that makes a refreshing addition to usual MC fare and I would definitely recommend!

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