Download Blood Of My Monster [PDF] By Rina Kent

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Blood Of My Monster book pdf download for free or read online, also Blood Of My Monster pdf was written by Rina Kent.

BookBlood Of My Monster
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Blood Of My Monster Book PDF download for free

Blood Of My Monster Book PDF download for free

Rina did it again! Here’s a minor character from other books that I thought could go either way, and with one book it might be my favorite from his mafia world! Kirill is the captain of a special forces unit that rescues young Sasha/Alexandra, who is disguised as an army man. Sasha searches for answers about her past and to protect her remaining family. She tries to get stronger, but Kirill takes a special interest in her.

After a dangerous mission, Kirill is forced to return home to the mob and take his place as his family’s heir, so Sasha follows him to become his bodyguard and continue her own mission. Together, they consume their desire for each other as they dance around their own secrets.

Blood Of My Monster Pdf Download

Blood Of My Monster book, as always, left such a murderous suspense that I want to re-read every scene in which Kirill appeared. Sasha is feisty and fierce, full of contradictions and terrible at taking orders outside of the bedroom, but she has a unique instinct and compassion that many are naturally drawn to. Kirill is a really mastermind who is as enigmatic as he is quite intelligent.

Phew, I fell head over heels in love with him and his alpha tendencies while loving that even the reader can’t capture all his feelings like Sasha. I can’t believe we have to wait for more of his story but I’m dying for it! This is a series that I’ve already gotten hooked and I’m hoping time flies by until the next one comes out!

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I have read all of Rina’s books and was so excited when this series was added to the Gods series planned for this year! While reading about troubled young leads in the Gods series is addictive, my favorite trilogy will always be the Deception trilogy, aka the Adrian Volkov story. There is something about the depth of character development and relationship that Rina has achieved in this trilogy that we can anticipate from the time she has dedicated to Kirill and Sasha’s story: I can’t wait for all 3 books they devour.

The return to familiar ground with the “older” characters is also nostalgic to me, and there are plenty of character cameos that still feel authentic on the site. Damien is a delight as always! The plot twists alone are so embedded in the story that we hardly see them coming. The chemistry between Kirill and Sasha is off the charts and the Slowburn delivers! In essence, this novel has been beautifully crafted to be the first in a fascinating series to rival the Deception trilogy and My Love for Adrian!

Kirill’s voice redefines his mix of dry humor, sarcasm and strategy and sets it apart from any of his previous leads. It’s refreshing to have an older character to read about. Sasha is a sunshine with a fitting nickname. My only complaint about this first part was that it ended too soon and that the relationship wasn’t at the point where we could enjoy the intimacy and “endgame” status that the next few books are sure to offer. I can not wait! !!! Kirill, you have my heart!

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