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Strictly Pleasure book pdf download for free or read online, also Strictly Pleasure pdf was written by Carrie Elks.

BookStrictly Pleasure
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Strictly Pleasure Book PDF download for free

Strictly Pleasure Book PDF download for free

Strictly Pleasure book is the 2 book in the Salinger brothers series. The main characters of the first book “Strictly Business” were Myles Salinger and Ava Quinn. In this story we saw Myles’ younger brother Liam and Sophie West (Ava’s best friend) fall in love. We both met in the first book and they were both interesting supporting characters so I was very curious to read their story. And after I finished it I can say that I really liked it!! Again, this story was told from both points of view, and again the main characters were of a more mature age. Liam was forty and Sophie was in her thirties.

Strictly Pleasure Pdf Download

There had been chemistry between Liam and Sophie from the moment they first met, but they both had their reasons for ignoring it. Even more so after their one night (which Liam couldn’t remember, to his frustration!) where they both agreed never to talk about it again and to forget it ever happened. But that was easier said than done. Because after that night, every time they met, they acted more like enemies than friends. But then the circumstances really forced them to spend more time together.

First they both became godparents to Avas and Myles’ son Charlie, and then Liam decided to spend more time in Charleston instead of New York, and then Liam bought something that Sophie gave away at a benefit ball for her work. All of this led to Liam and Sophie interacting more, talking more, and spending more time together. They both discovered that there was more to each other than they thought. But insecurities are sometimes difficult to overcome. Can Liam convince Sophie to give him a chance with her heart?

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So yes, Liam was a playboy, but he had his reasons for choosing that lifestyle. He was really a great guy with a lot of good qualities, I really liked him. He was charismatic, outgoing, confident, friendly, intelligent, hardworking and funny in his own way. A true gentleman, except in business, where he was very ambitious and ruthless, but also loyal.

He was very considerate and loving to the people he loved and was very protective of Sophie, encouraging and helping her when he could and being very patient when she had doubts about developing a relationship with him. Like many of his family members, I was struck by his deep feelings for Sophie. Once he decided he wanted her, he did his best to show it not only to Sophie, but to everyone around her. She was right for him. I loved that side of him!

If I had to describe Sophie at the beginning of the book, I would have said: an ambitious and confident career woman with a great passion for her work as a meteorologist. it and also a great friend and daughter. But the more I got to know her, the more I realized that she wasn’t that confident when it came to relationships and love. She was very insecure and had major trust issues, she was afraid of being hurt again and her heart broken.

I could understand why she hesitated to open her heart to a new relationship, but in the end she showed Liam that she was 100% committed to her relationship. It was really a very romantic and special scene. Liam and Sophie were a perfect match. There were some hot sex scenes in the story and I especially liked the scene where one of their phone conversations got really intense and hot!

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Like the first volume, this was an entertaining and well-written story with funny conversations and funny situations, but also some serious and emotional scenes. It was well balanced between something light and something serious. Again, the story surprised me in small details of where I thought this was going to happen and where I thought this would have happened. I liked that very much

We saw a lot of familiar faces again, there was Myles and Ava with their newborn son Charlie. It was so nice to see them living their new lives as parents. There was Sophie’s father, a great character. We saw Sophie’s friend Lauren again and we met some of Sophie’s colleagues at the TV station, they were all great people except her boss. He wasn’t that nice. It was good again for Liam’s family, his mother and younger siblings.

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