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Code To Zero book pdf download for free or read online, also Code To Zero pdf was written by Ken Follett.

BookCode To Zero
AuthorKen Follett
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Code To Zero Book PDF download for free

Code To Zero Book PDF download for free

January 1958: the darkest hour of the Cold War and the start of the space race. Sitting on the Cape Canaveral launch pad is America’s best hope of catching up with the Russians: the Explorer I satellite. But the launch is delayed at the last minute due to the weather, though everyone can see it’s a perfectly beautiful day.

The real reason for the delay lies deep in the mind of a NASA scientist who woke up this morning to find his memory completely erased.

Only knowing that he is constantly being followed and watched, he must find the clues to his own identity before he can find out who is responsible. But even more terrible is the dark secret that he is supposed to forget. A secret that can destroy the Explorer I and the future of the United States. . . .

Code To Zero Book Pdf Download

CODE TO ZERO was on the USA Today 150 bestseller list for twenty-two weeks, peaking at fifteen. Ken Follett has ten novels on this bestseller list, which has recorded book sales since October 1993. Follett had other best sellers before.

At about 5 a.m. on January 29, 1958, a man wakes up in the men’s room at Union Station in Washington D.C. on. He cries out in shock when he sees his reflection in the mirror. He sees an unshaven bum in dirty rags and he has no memories, none at all. He screams, “Who am I?”

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The reader learns that a woman in a motel near Cape Canaveral is worried about Luke and that she met him in a 1941 panty raid on Radcliff. On page 31, Luke roams D.C. penniless. With global amnesia, he realizes that two men are overshadowing him. Little does he know that someone in the CIA thinks he’s the most dangerous man in America.

And so this spy thriller continues, with Luke finding out who he is and the reader not knowing much more than he does. The story is gripping, fast-paced, and epitomizes a time when good girls were virgins, gentlemen wore hats, and Hudson cars weren’t relics.

This elegant and well-written novel reminded me a lot of the famous books by John le Carre, but Code to Zero is original in its own way and tells the fascinating story of the 1960’s Cold War.
The book begins with the man waking up at the train station, clothed in blankets and with no memory of who he was.
The plot unfolds as this man, American space scientist Luke Lucas, tries to recover his forgotten past and understand what events led to his total amnesia.

The novel describes the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union after the Russians successfully launched the first satellite and the Americans went through a series of failed attempts to reach their enemy.

Code to Zero is the story of friends who met in college, fought in World War II, and stayed in touch after the war.
Friends who loved and loved each other and some betrayed others by working for their country’s enemy.

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This is the story of a lifelong devotion to one another and a blind willingness to sacrifice all that is sacred and dear to them for false political beliefs.

I’ve read several Ken Follett books but I wouldn’t call myself a Follett fan so this isn’t one of those Ken Follett reviews so it’s 5 stars; no, that’s five stars from me because no matter who wrote it, Code to Zero is a great thriller.

Yes it’s easy, yes there isn’t much character development, yes it may not be historically accurate, yes some of the language and settings may not reflect the era, yes I may have to pin it down to his belief in the speed, with which Luke rediscovers himself, and yes, there is sex; but heck, this is a great story, there are twists, the build up of flashbacks against the real-time action builds suspense, and it’s told at a breathless, breakneck pace from start to finish – all in all a real game changer Page that cannot be exited.

But then, reading the other reviews, it seems to me that there are two schools of Ken Follett, on the one hand there are the heavier historical trilogies and on the other hand the lighter and faster modern thrillers; While not contemporary, “Code to Zero” is modern and falls very much in the latter category. So only read if you enjoyed Night Over Water or Whiteout, but maybe not if you’re looking for another Pillars of the Earth.

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