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Box 88 book pdf download for free or read online, also Box 88 pdf was written by Charles Cumming.

BookBox 88
AuthorCharles Cumming
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Box 88 Book PDF download for free

Box 88 Book PDF download for free

Lachlan Kite is a member of BOX 88, an elite transatlantic black ops team so covert that even MI6 and the CIA are unsure they exist, but even the best spy cannot handle every potential threat in a world foresee where dangerous actors lurk. all corners. At the funeral of his childhood best friend, Lachlan falls into a trap that leaves him in the hands of a potentially deadly interrogation with his pregnant wife, who has also been kidnapped, as security for the information he has vowed to protect with his own life.

Fresh out of the upper-class boarding school where he’d grown up, Lachlan had been BOX 88’s newest recruit thirty years earlier. In the fog of a Sabbath summer when studying espionage was intertwined with a self-discovery, he was initiated on a special mission off the coast of France, where a friendship gave him special access to one from Iran. The Most Dangerous Men Today, Lachlan’s longing for the journey is corrupted by the memory of the deception that accompanied it, but to save his family he will be forced to relive those painful memories one last time.

Box 88 Pdf Download

A fast-paced tale spanning two eras, 1989 and 2020, BOX 88 is a “wonderfully suspenseful, compelling and updated spy thriller” with an intriguing new character and a gripping international story (Spectator, Books of the Year).

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Author Charles Cumming’s latest bid is his most ambitious yet. Not for detailing the modern espionage trade, although he enjoys weaving the recent past into the current secret world of espionage; both state sponsored and more from the books, deep state nonsense. But Cumming has raised the bar in terms of character development in his works and our understanding of how his lead character, Lachlan “Lockie” Kite, grew into the man-the-spy he is today.

This isn’t the kiss-kiss-bang-bang of the standard genre. Although there is no lack of action in either aspect. More kiss, kiss, moral dilemma, personal growth, bang bang. A very modern thriller, more in the vein of Le Carré. But this is more the Le Carré (RIP) of A Perfect Spy, as nuanced in genesis as it is in craft.

A broken narrative alternates between the spy that Lockie is today and the boy, then the young man, that he was, bridging the two worlds. The privileged halls of Lockie’s boarding school, a thinly disguised representative of Eton, Cumming’s childhood second home, prepares him all too well for the insidious world of Box 88, an intelligence team investigating the Libyan terrorist cell behind the locker.

That Lockie is recruited by one of his teachers to go underground in his Gap Yah is the central conceit of the book. Cumming so adeptly engages the reader that one hardly ponders the moral hazard inherent in such a recruitment. Instead, the lettering, with its historical details, is so reminiscent of the time and place you can almost feel the heat, hear the crunch of a loafer on gravel, Club Tropicana on the radio. It plunges the reader into the joy of that summer when school is out and the world is full of promises of adventure, sex and a life to come.

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Any nostalgia for those days is compromised in Kite’s case by the double life of deceit and treason she chose for queen and country and our allies. (Would any of us have chosen differently if the careers office had offered “international man of mysteries”…?) And of course his actions as a young man have consequences in today’s gripping plot of kidnapping and revenge that pulses through the alternate novel beats

The novel is a heavy hardcover book at about 140,000 words, but it has worn slightly. (The lightest of them all on a Kindle) The character of Kite is one that we understand deeply and like very much, and it may not be a huge spoiler that prevails. Win the day Grab ’em. And it seems very likely that we will see him again. I can’t wait to see what happened to the boy who lost his virginity so completely in a hot summer in the late 80’s.

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