Download Untainted [PDF] By Lilian T. James

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Untainted book pdf download for free or read online, also Untainted pdf was written by Lilian T. James.

AuthorLilian T. James
Size2.5 MB

Untainted Book PDF download for free

Untainted Book PDF download for free

This book was exquisite. I will not be able to find the exact and perfect words to describe how much I loved this book and this author’s writing style. There are those rare writers who seem to have magic in their hands and captivate us with their stories in ways we can’t describe, and Lilian T. James is absolutely that and more to me.

If you are looking for a talented, wise and wild female protagonist, a morally gray, confident, tough, hot and brooding love interest, a simmer with a tension that will give you goosebumps and take your breath away, with an intriguing world-building that will turn you into Make you dream and wish you were there, get this book right now. Needless to say, lots of heat, with a great storyline and multi-layered characters all blended into this masterpiece. Did I say I’m in love?

Untainted Pdf Download

And this book also had many other things that I’m a big fan of just to make sure I fall deeply in love with, like delicious tropes: enemies of lovers, “mine”, a horse, forced closeness. , fateful companions, and probably more that I haven’t thought of for being into the story so much. The pacing was good, the action and the developing dynamic between the characters believable and relatable.

Vera was raised by a man she knows is not her father. She has worked with him to make swords and train with the soldiers. On a journey with the prince and his guards, he develops a friendship with Trey, the prince’s right-hand man. Vera also manages to threaten the prince, his name is Jaren, and she becomes instrumental in finding out where he is from because he claims to be her partner.

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I get the TOG comparisons but it really seems quite unique enough to stand on. The story drew me in at the beginning more than at the end. I will read the next book. I want to see what her powers become and how far the prince will go to bring her back to the kingdom she grew up in.

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