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Kill Switch book pdf download for free or read online, also Kill Switch pdf was written by Penelope Douglas.

BookKill Switch
AuthorPenelope Douglas
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Kill Switch Book PDF download for free

Kill Switch Book PDF download for free

Kill Switch is book 3 in a dark romance series, but it can be read on its own (although I highly recommend reading them all). THIS IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR, and I would give it 6 stars if I could. I can’t get enough of this series – it’s dark, twisted and has such a satisfying ending.

In high school, the “Four Horsemen” ruled the school – you wanted to be them or be with them. Their parents were separated, giving them the independence to do whatever they wanted…the teachers were afraid of them…until one night everything changed. Secrets were then revealed and three of the four were sent to the prison. The focus of the book is Damon.

Kill Switch Pdf Download

Damon: The man you like to hate. He’s done worse than the unthinkable to his friends, but… everyone deserves a chance at redemption, right? From the beginning of this series I have wanted to see his redemption; He wanted me to come full circle. He’s so broken, so jaded, so evil… and the only thing that brings light to his world is winter…

Winter: The woman who sent Damon to prison all those years ago has grown up. An accident involving Damon when she was only 8 years old led to her blindness, which has led to many conflicts throughout her life. Then her feeling that he had taken advantage of her in high school led to her final prison sentence. She hates him so much, but there’s a fine line between love and hate.

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Kill Switch dark and twisted story kept me in suspense throughout the journey. Just when I thought things would change, something else came along. I love Winter and Damon and I love that they FINALLY discovered each other. This series just keeps getting better and I can’t wait to read Will’s story next.

I didn’t like Damon in Book 1. Heck, I was like, “There’s no way Damon is getting a book”; Then I finished book 1 and watched the rest of the series and couldn’t believe Damon got a book before Will. I thought, “There’s no way Damon can be redeemed!” But then author Penelope Douglas proved me wrong, and I’m really glad she did. Damon definitely became one of my favorites in this series.

Kill Switch book begins with how Damon and Winter met when he was 11 and she was 8. She had just finished a ballet performance and he was hiding in the garden. They connected, almost instantly, and I say almost because Damon was scared, scared of making connections. Even the physical and mental abuse by her mother did not help her psyche. But somehow these two got together. Unfortunately, the bond they had caused Winter to fall out of a tree house and cause her to lose her sight.

Years later, he returns from Montreal, where he has lived with other blind people. She is a freshman and Rika eventually becomes her guide at school. Damon (Michael, Will and Kai) is now a senior and has been ordered to stay away from her because she happened the last time they were together (where she lost her sight). But he finds that he wants to be around her all the time.

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One day when Winter’s sister decides to throw a pool party, Winter is dancing in the ballroom and Damon can’t help but sneak in to see her. She senses someone there and he reaches out to her, but he pretends it’s someone else since she despises Damon. They start a very sweet relationship, unlike either of them (nothing happens), but when Damon is caught around her again and threatens to send her back, he decides to stop pursuing her, like Damon or something the ‘other “. “Guy she has feelings for.

2 years later the infamous video (from book 1) appears. Damon returns to her life as the “other” guy, and she realizes how much she cares for him. And it all falls apart from there when she realizes that the guy she’s been thinking about all these years was Damon.

5 years later, Damon marries Winter’s sister to take care of his family, estate and Winters after their father ran away. Their relationship is definitely filled with strong chemistry and they are both attracted to each other but still hate each other which becomes such a delicious pleasure to watch as they indulge in the raw passion they feel. I wanted to devour this book (why can’t I just stay on the couch and read all day??!!). The chemistry, the passion, the anger, the fight, the love… mmm mmm mmm yes please.

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