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Broken Homes book pdf download for free or read online, also Broken Homes pdf was written by Ben Aaronovitch.

BookBroken Homes
AuthorBen Aaronovitch
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Broken Homes Book PDF download for free

Broken Homes Book PDF download for free

A mutilated corpse in Crawley. A killer on the loose. The prime suspect is Robert Weil, possibly an associate of the twisted wizard known as the Faceless Man. Or maybe just a common serial killer.

Before budding magician and cop Peter Grant can figure out the case, two more fall into his lap: a city planner has gone under a subway train, and there’s a stolen spell book that Grant needs to track down.

So far, so London.

But then Peter learns that something very strange is happening in a housing development designed by a madman, built by charlatans and inhabited by truly desperate people.

Is there a connection?

And if so, why, oh why does it have to be south of the river, under the purview of some pretty prickly local river spirits?

Broken Homes Book Pdf Download

Aaronovitch takes a different approach to this book than the first three books in the series. Rather than being based on a single major crime, the story covers a series of investigations linked by the main characters to the Faceless Man. The result is that the plot has less clear direction than previous books, almost meandering at times and you don’t even seem to know where or why by the end. Some of the popular supporting characters from the earlier books are either absent entirely or relegated to very minor roles. The book also has much less of the feel of a London architectural travelogue, an element I really enjoyed in the first three books.

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All of this bothered me at the beginning of the book and I wondered if Aaronvitch had lost focus, perhaps exhausted his inspiration for this particular series and simply produced the book to meet a publisher’s deadline. However, with the book’s ending and its unexpected resolution, I think Aaronovitch instead deliberately constructed this book in such a way that the ending had a significant emotional impact (and at least it did for me): it’s meant to make you feel something for Peter Grant to feel the loss and pain that comes with life as a police officer. The ending wouldn’t have had the impact it had if Aaronovitch had written this book the way he did the first three.

I think this book consciously immerses us (with a magical touch) in the often monotonous and boring world of everyday police work; It shows us how our heroes search for information about a villain they know little about and who always seemed to be one step ahead of them; it deliberately avoids the unambiguous certainties of the plots of the first three books, and the meandering, mundane nature of the plot is meant to be a direct reflection of the meandering, monotonous nature of hero exploration – then Aaronovitch twists all those threads in the last third of the book, which is a row louder Delivers popping sounds when all the parts come together.

Aaronovitch is actually trying something pretty hard with his writing and execution of this book, and it always works; Some sections, viewed independently, are frankly a little frustrating because you can’t make sense of them. and it’s certainly not a book to read, except as the fourth book in a series, and I’m glad I recently reread the first three novels.

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However, the end result with the work as a whole is just as good as the other books, albeit very different in tone and feel. The effect of Broken Homes on me was undeniable: I felt drained, empty, and emotionally drained. It’s, I suspect, a book that will be better on second reading because you’ll read the first few chapters seemingly out of focus, with an awareness of how they actually affect the plot, making them immediately more interesting and given Aaronovitch’s Style makes , which makes all sorts of small marginal notes noticeable.

In many ways, this book feels like Aaronovitch is turning the series into something more serious. There was less humor (although I still laughed out loud on numerous occasions) and more serious and gritty crime and police work, and as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I found the ending really funny. Kudos to Aaronovitch for trying something different rather than producing a cut up sequel and if the end result wasn’t as fun as the first three books it was still a great addition to the series that left me behind staring at my screen. breath, and desperately wanting more.

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