Download The Forgotten Phantom [PDF] By Kathryn Ann Kingsley

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The Forgotten Phantom book pdf download for free or read online, also The Forgotten Phantom pdf was written by Kathryn Ann Kingsley.

BookThe Forgotten Phantom
AuthorKathryn Ann Kingsley
Size1.2 MB

The Forgotten Phantom Book PDF download for free

The Forgotten Phantom Book PDF download for free

Keep your hand at eye level…
Christine is sure that the institute is trying to get rid of her. Why else would she be sent to investigate a hundred-year-old cold case about an illusory “phantom” lurking in the depths of a derelict old opera house?

It turns out he’s probably right. But as unlikely as it sounds, there could be something to it. There’s definitely more to the shadows than just a few rats and a few forgotten landscapes. Especially now that you woke him up.

The phantom is real. And now he has her in mind. As ancient legends unfold around her, Christine finds herself increasingly caught in the web of a monster that has linked her to a spirit from the past. But is this spirit a demon or a friend? Angel of Music or Demon of the Fountain?

Her lover… or her killer?

Thrills, chills, terror and romance! Creature Feature is a standalone romance series that takes the classic monsters from the movies you know and love and reimagines their stories where the bad guys get the girl. From Kathryn Ann Kingsley, USA Today bestselling author of the Labyrinth of Shadows and Harrow Faire series, these books are sure to give you goosebumps… and keep you up all night.

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Warning: The Forgotten Phantom has themes of molestation and murder. This is a horror romance, so some content may upset some readers.

The Forgotten Phantom Book Pdf Download

sigh So… after days of this platform being the same as always by not allowing me to be… well, ME, this is a more limited version of my original review.

This is another reason why I don’t like to write reviews most of the time. But! I can still hold out! After all, I’m an avid writer-stalker and story-eater.

So… Ahem… (In my best/worst version of a booming but much loved female spirit voice) =

This story is a dedicated rendition of the original version while introducing enough new story elements to make any bookworm’s heart… ache!

Yes, I said ‘pain’ and I meant it. No typo – my heart didn’t jump out of my chest, get wings or take flight, but I did have heartburn and chest pains… and this story made me love it!

How’s that for a review recommendation?

(Why am I suddenly getting sidelong glances? Judges wear very unflattering robes, you know! No confidence, no sparkles! No fur slippers! No they don’t, I ignore any mental arguments to the contrary).

But on a more serious front, I really enjoyed the modern twists of this story and the fact that it wasn’t a historical reboot per se.

I loved one scene in particular that I’ll joke about but won’t explain why I loathe spoilers = The “Oh…oh my god”. I had a lot of fun imagining Erik’s eyes widening, perhaps with a slight ghostly blush that managed to glow over his mask, it was so sincere…

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(Oh what a bubbly and tickling feeling this scene gave me! With spiders!… ? I never thought I’d say that… I mean what?!)

And it’s still true! If you want to know what I’m talking about, you have to read the story.

Also, I preferred this ending to the original by far. I even loved it.

I…I really can’t give you a bigger compliment than that. Not on my mind.
“Oh, the sacrilege!” some will say… meh. I like it so tell me.

And … there will be more such replicas! Right friends! (whispers a little breathlessly) “It’s… another Kingsley series… Independent Creature Features…”

(Glowing eyes, shiny teeth… maybe even a bit of glittery slime because I’m awesome like that.)

So! um/slurp/cough… I hope you enjoy this story too. But the only way to find out is if you really read it. So read it!

I loved this book!! It’s not often that you find a book that you can go back to reading as soon as you finish it. I’ve always loved The Phantom of the Opera (film) but I think I love Kathryn’s adaptation of the play/film more! I like Erik’s ending so much better! I think one of the things I enjoyed the most was Christine’s career change (also a musician).

I honestly loved everything about this book, the modern world building was perfect and I thought the character development was great, especially for Christine. I really enjoyed Baltimore too lol. I am very sad that the story is over, but I will definitely read this book many more times! This was the ending many of us had hoped for. The Forgotten Phantom is a must!

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I’ve loved Phantom of the Opera for as long as I can remember. From the book about Lon Chaney, Robert Englund and Gerard Butler to the musical and LOTS of fanfiction (and a tattoo!) I loved everything. And yet I always hated the ending and really felt sorry for our ghost. I remember crying over and over for that man because I felt like she never got what she deserved. But that has now changed! Kat had FINALLY given me the ending I had been asking for since I was a little girl.

I probably cried for Erik in this book, as I always do, but this time I cried for a good reason. To be honest I’ve read all the works Kat has made and this is actually my new favorite (which I didn’t think was possible because Dracula was ). If you’re as obsessed with Phantom as I am, believe me, this is the best read! I’m willing to read it over and over again.

I loved this book! The Forgotten Phantom transports the Erik we all know and love to modern-day Paris, and the story is all the fresher for it. Christine is a monster hunter desperate to prove herself to her superiors, so she is tasked with uncovering the stories of an ancient ghost

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