Download Candy For My Orc Boss [PDF] By Ava Ross

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Candy For My Orc Boss book pdf download for free or read online, also Candy For My Orc Boss pdf was written by Ava Ross.

BookCandy For My Orc Boss
AuthorAva Ross
Size1.3 MB

Candy For My Orc Boss Book PDF download for free

Candy For My Orc Boss Book PDF download for free

I loved chastity so much! She grew up in a foster family and took care of everything on her own. After her ex left her, all she wants now is a fresh start. So he quits his job and takes on an assistant in a small town far away. Despite what she has struggled with, Chastity is very personable, caring and kind. She may be shy, but she has a lot of fire in her. And I loved his eagerness to experience new things and enjoy every second of his life from now on. She is a wonderful woman!

Maxon is the owner of the Zahgorim Construction Company and also a spectacular male! This huge tattooed orc is absolutely beautiful, charming and incredibly cute. And he is so loving and protective of the people he cares about. I couldn’t help but adore absolutely everything about him!

Candy For My Orc Boss Pdf Download

I loved that happened between Chastity and Max! After a passionate one night stand on the way to her new job, Chastity doesn’t expect the hot orca to be her new boss. And according to orc lore, they are married too. I adored them both, they were so cute together and their chemistry was amazing! I loved that from the moment they met Max only had eyes for her and never hesitated to stand up for her.

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And despite Chastity’s determination to keep her heart closed, Max, who is such an amazing man, easily found his way. Very thoughtful and patient, he proved that life could be different with the right person and Max was more than right for Chastity. They were absolutely perfect for each other and the passionate moments they shared were amazing. Well, monsters definitely do better!

I also adored Max’s mother – she is a wonderful, loving and welcoming woman. But his father… Well, I wanted to hit him so bad, but I’m so happy he finally came to his senses.

All in all, Candy for my Orc Boss is a sweet and funny story full of romance, humor, drama, a bit of suspense and danger, fiery passion and wonderful characters.

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