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Change Of Fortune book pdf download for free or read online, also Change Of Fortune pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon grew up among swamps and alligators in southwestern Louisiana. Her hometown is Carlyss, but she probably won’t find it on a map.

BookChange Of Fortune
AuthorJana DeLeon
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Change Of Fortune Book PDF download for free

Change Of Fortune Book PDF download for free

Sinful, Louisiana is always a hive of activity, and despite the sweltering heat, August is no exception. Godzilla is terrorizing the city in search of a home-cooked meal, and Gertie worries that someone will take out the alligator before she can control it. Francine has her own situation in the cafeteria where groceries are missing from her inventory. And Celia isreally always up to no good.

But summer is almost over, which could mean big changes for Fortune Redding. Her undercover time in Sinful was always limited to three months, and that time is almost over.

With Ahmad still at large, Fortune is forced to go into hiding, but she soon must move to another city and start over with a new identity. And that’s really the last thing she wants to do. Determined to get her life back, Fortune decides to take Ahmad out and end things once and for all.

Can Fortune defeat one of the most dangerous men in the world? And if she can, does she have a future in the Sinful?

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Change Of Fortune Book PDF download for free

This series was great and this book is probably the best one yet because we made some resolutions. Hallelujah! I won’t spoil it for anyone!

As with all the other books, I laughed out loud (and woke my husband up)! The comedic situations Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie find themselves in bring a smile to everyone’s face and definitely leave you wanting more from this dynamic trio. Luckily there are many of these books. The chaos is too much!

Without going into too much detail, I must say that I was on the edge of my seat on one of the stories in this book. I practically hyperventilated! As with the other “cases” these three are working on, the way the end of the conflict played out was somewhat unexpected. You know how it is… You think you figured it out, but actually you were wrong, even if you were almost right. Great suspense without all the drama and dragging things out.

The characters are so rich and well developed. Additional characters and main characters just make you laugh. This series just puts you in a good mood and I think that’s what you need, especially in the instability of the current times.

Fortune, Gertie and also Ida Belle still make me laugh. All the residents of Sinful have strong and engaging personalities, some charming and some unpleasant, and all contribute to the complex plots and mysteries. I have a complaint, a small and delicate one. Fortune says: “She nodded, just perceptibly.” I think a barely perceptible nod would be noticeable. I think I should say “She nodded slightly perceptibly.” Or an imperceptible nod. Since this is my biggest complaint, I obviously find the Fortune books to be a real treat.

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This is a great series. You can always expect plenty of mysteries, chaos, and laugh-out-loud moments, and this book doesn’t disappoint in any way. I even caught Mr. Serious (aka my dad) laughing some times in this book, and with such a wonderful cast of characters, why not?

Fortune is tired of hiding and Summer is at the end of her time to take charge and finish off Ahmad once and for all. It’s a shame that Sinful isn’t the calm and peaceful town everyone makes it out to be, with an alligator roaming the streets chasing people past power poles and stealing food from the local cafe.

Can Fortune spend enough time preparing for her most difficult mission for the CIA, or will Ahmad and his mole finally get the revenge she so desperately wants? One thing is for sure, wherever Fortune is, you’ll find Ida Belle, Gertie and Carter.
Cassandra Campbell is the voice of Fortune and I can’t imagine anyone else bringing the characters to life better.

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