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The Mediterranean Caper book pdf download for free or read online, also The Mediterranean Caper pdf was written by Clive Cussler.

Clive Cussler began writing novels in year 1965 and published his first work in 1973, starring series hero Dirk Pitt(R). His first nonfiction book, The Sea Hunters, was published in year 1996.

BookThe Mediterranean Caper
AuthorClive Cussler
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The Mediterranean Caper Book PDF download for free

The Mediterranean Caper Book PDF download for free

First novel in the Dirk Pitt series to feature this heroic protagonist, who wields a wide arsenal of skills ranging from hand-to-hand combat to a resourceful fighter jet pilot.

The Mediterranean Caper Book PDF download for free

Over the years, Clive Cussler has introduced readers to a number of interesting characters, including the Fargos, Isaac Bell, Kurt Austin, and Juan Cabrillo. But the one who started it all for Cussler is Dirk Pitt, and this 40th anniversary of Pitt’s first adventure is full of action and intrigue.

The drama begins when a former World War I-era German Albatross attacks an American airbase on the island of Thasos. Coincidentally, Dirk and Al Giordino are flying in a PBY Catalina seaplane to check on the progress of NUMA’s First Attempt ship, which is in the area conducting marine experiments. Dirk and Al manage to drive off the Albatross, but not before the base is fired upon and several planes are destroyed.

Without realizing it, Dirk and Al have flown into the middle of a mystery that will lead them to expensive mansions, underground caves and adventures on the high seas. Along the way, they also meet unscrupulous characters, including a drug dealer who intends to ship tons of heroin to the drug markets of the United States. Can Dirk and Al solve the case?

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I have become a huge fan of Cussler’s books over the years, and enjoy going back to where it all began. Cussler’s writing style remains the same today as it was then; His books are full of action, intrigue and interesting characters. It was fun to read a story that was originally written forty years ago and see how cultural norms have changed since then.

I really enjoyed reading The Mediterranean Caper. Dirk Pitt is probably Cussler’s best known character and it was fun to see how he started. Highly recommended.

It was better than some of the latest Dirk Pitt novels. Clive Cussler had this fantastic way of making adventures seem endless, which made the book hard to put down. It’s amazing to read a book written like this. I have tried to read them in order whenever possible, although I have already read some before. I read so fast that after a few years I can’t remember.

It is comfortable. The latter ones aren’t that great because they tend to jump from place to place and it gets confusing. This was not so. The quality depends a bit on whether Clive wrote the book himself or another author collaborated with him. Some of the other authors are great too, but not all. Clive wrote it himself. Having it on the Kindle also made it easier.

I like Clive Cussler books – great entertainment on long plane rides. This book, The Mediterranean Caper, is one of the first books in Clive’s tales of Dirk Pitt’s adventures, and this book was hard for me to find. It is with great joy that I finally have a copy! It doesn’t bother me that the paperback has yellowed on all edges due to age, it’s completely legible. In this book, the character of the Dirk Pitt is clearly a bit rough around the edges. It’s fun to see the author’s changes in his character from this book to the next in the series.

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