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Chasing Love book pdf download for free or read online, also Chasing Love pdf was written by Kat T.Masen.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Kat T. Masen is the mother of four insane children and the wife of a sane man. Raised in a generation before social media and fancy gadgets, she loved reading and immersing herself in these stories from a young age. After meeting friends on Twitter who read as much as she does, her passion for writing began and the friendships endured despite the distance.

BookChasing Love (The Dark Love Series—Book 1)
AuthorKat T.Masen
Size2.0 MB

Chasing Love Book PDF download for free

Chasing Love Book PDF download for free

He was my best friend’s older brother

My first love that left without a goodbye.

Eight years later I said yes to marrying another man, the perfect Julian Baker.

I am finally ready to let go of my past for a new future.

But like all heartbreaking love triangles, my past and future collide in a cruel twist of fate.

In a busy restaurant he sits next to me at the table with a jealous look on his face.

And I’m forced to face the man who broke my heart in high school.

Lex Edwards, now a billionaire, is not going to give in easily. He’s ruthless, cunning, and no longer the sweet, loving college grad studying to be a doctor.

Just like me, our turbulent adventure ruined it.

But now he’s hell-bent on getting me back.

And Lex Edwards will stop at nothing to prove how powerful our love is, even if it means reliving the past…

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Chasing Love Book Pdf Download

Chasing Love (The Dark Love Series—Book 1)

Chasing Love is a story about Charlie (Charlotte) and Alex. Much is involved in its history, both past and present. The history between their characters, current issues coupled with the sheer emotional factor, heartbreak, anger, deception, lies and sexual tension in almost every chapter between these two could burn this book!

Charlie hasn’t had many relationships since she left after the Big Bang when her affair with Alex after high school was exposed. He left town and years later lived in New York City. She and her college roommate Nikki start their own law firm, and Charlie’s life seems settled. Charlie meets Julian at the gym and after only three months, Julian asks her to marry him. She says yes and it seemed like they would settle down and have a great life. By the time Alex returns to her life, it’s obvious chaos is about to ensue.

In this book, Charlie (Charlotte) and Julian were the two characters I really got into. Julian has the right intentions when it comes to Charlie and how much he loves her and is willing to give her. Then there’s Charlie; It became clear that Charlie is hiding something, definitely something dark. That being said, as we find out, we realize how damaged and hurt Charlie was 8 years ago when Alex left her to deal with the breakup of their relationship.

I don’t know if Charlie really knows what or who he loves. Her anger, her sadness makes me wonder if she knows who to trust. Does she allow sexual interactions with Lex because she still has feelings for him, or are these interactions with him to punish herself (or maybe him) for all the closed feelings and emotions he arouses in her?

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So at this point I’ll say this book held my attention for a full 2 ​​days, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve been working my way through it and I know I need to figure out what’s happening in Book 2. This story might push some of his personal boundaries, it might upset him and that’s okay, the reader needs those feelings.

I finally got to this Kat t Masen series now I don’t read many books with a love triangle or traps and I’ll admit I started this book and put it down not because I didn’t enjoy it, I have it just not done in the mood for all the back and forth. So I quit and a few weeks later I finally picked it up again and I’m so glad I did.

I really enjoyed this book and yes it sadly ends on a cliffhanger but I love cliffhangers especially when I already have the next book especially when there is so much of Lex and Charlie that I’m not surprised we got a had to have another book . I loved how we brought the past and the present together because there’s a lot going on in those two pasts and usually when I see the past it’s pretty hard, but I really wanted to know what was going on, especially as Lex a Samantha had and a later present Charlie had Julian

Lex was your brooding dark boy and he was a control freak but you soon realize he has a softer side and he certainly doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants and Charlie to me she’s in a state of confusion with the appearance of Lex. So it was a good tug-of-war book, wasn’t it?

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I don’t condone cheating in real life but at the same time these are stories and not real life and sometimes you have to read these kinds of stories and I’m so glad I finished it I can’t wait to continue the book two are chasing us

If you haven’t read this book give it a try, love Kat T Masen’s books, she is a great author and she tells an amazing story.

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