Download Cold Deceit [PDF] By Toni Anderson

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Cold Deceit book pdf download for free or read online, also Cold Deceit pdf was written by Toni Anderson.

BookCold Deceit
AuthorToni Anderson
Size625 KB

Cold Deceit Book PDF download for free

Cold Deceit Book PDF download for free

When forensic anthropologist Zoe Miller encounters a murder victim in the hostile Sonoran desert, she sets off a chain of events that puts her in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer.

FBI Agent HRT Seth Hopper is on an undercover mission near the Mexican border when he suddenly finds himself on a rescue mission. The former Navy SEAL is ordered to protect Zoe whether she likes it or not, which sends her on a cross-country trip back to Virginia.

Cold Deceit Pdf Download

Zoe has good reason not to trust a man like Seth, but she can’t deny the searing heat that burns between them, hotter than the desert sun. Will Zoe be able to find justice for the murdered woman? Or will the assassins close in to destroy them both…

All books can be read as stand-alone titles. Exciting, fast-paced plots and a guaranteed happy ending – contain strong language and hot moments.

Cold Deceit is the second book in the HRT spin-off series. Zoe is a forensic anthropologist who spends her weekends with her anthropologist friends looking for missing migrants along the Arizona-Mexico border. They use her skills to find and identify the remains of migrants who lost their lives while crossing the border. Zoe finds a murdered woman in the Sonoran desert at the beginning of the book, but she must leave before she can fully process her remains.

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Seth is an FBI agent on the Hostage Rescue Team. He is on a secret mission in Arizona when he is called on another mission involving Zoe and the murdered woman. Seth is in charge of Zoe’s safety and soon learns that she is in danger and has upset some people who don’t want the murdered woman to get too upset.

Wow, this book was really so good I devoured it in one night! I think I’ve been in a reading slump because lately it’s taken me forever to read books. I love these HRT books, all the books in the Cold Justice series have been amazing, but there’s just something about HRT operators that’s super sexy. Oh Seth! It’s definitely at the top of my book friends list. Seth is such a sweet boy! I loved how he protected and supported Zoe, especially from a certain SS agent.

There was a lot of action in this book and we got to see a lot of the inner workings of HRT. Payne Novak performs what I enjoyed. Overall, I’d say this was my favorite book of 2022. I hate to give away too many spoilers, but it definitely checks all those romance, mystery, and suspense boxes. Zoe is a tough woman and I love that she stands up for her friends and fights for people who can no longer speak for themselves. Also, I really hope Ryan and Meghan’s book is next.

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