Download Missing In Mudbug [PDF] By Jana DeLeon

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Missing In Mudbug book pdf download for free or read online, also Missing In Mudbug pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

BookMissing In Mudbug
AuthorJana DeLeon
Size1.5 MB

Missing In Mudbug Book PDF download for free

Missing In Mudbug Book PDF download for free

After a busy first week on the job, ranger Jadyn St. James is glad that the small swamp town of Mudbug, Louisiana seems to be back on track. But when FBI agent Raissa Bordeaux is kidnapped, Jadyn is sure the brief peace has come to an abrupt end. Statistics don’t lie, and Jadyn knows that the longer Raissa has been missing, the less likely she is to be found alive.

Sheriff Colt Bertrand knows the FBI won’t let him be part of their investigation, but he’s sure the federal agents aren’t as qualified as he is to find someone missing in the swamps around Mudbug. And though he has avoided the beautiful ranger, Colt is confident that working with Jadyn will give him the best chance of finding Raissa.

As the clock ticks down, Colt and Jadyn defy FBI orders and begin their search, but can they find Raissa before it’s too late?

Missing In Mudbug Book Pdf Download

Mudbug is missing the fifth book in the Ghost In Law series. If you haven’t read the other books in the series, this probably isn’t the best book to start with. This book lacks a lot of backstory. But if you’ve read the others, I recommend this one. In my opinion the best of the series. I really want it.

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Once again we are back in the small town of Mudbug Louisiana. Our two favorite FBI agents, Raissa and Zach (from Showdown in Mudbug), are in big trouble. Zach is found unconscious on the side of the freeway and Raissa is missing. Presumed kidnapped by whom she ran over Zach and left him for dead.

The FBI is his usual helpful self. How not to help at all. After Raissa’s car was found in the swamp, it’s technically the purview of our new ranger, Jadyn. As usual, she’s helped by Colt, Mudbug’s sexy sheriff. The two decide to go in a different direction with the investigation. And in the end they find much more than they expected. Stolen cars dumped in the swamp, evidence of a junkyard, bed bugs, and FBI agents unable to find their way home without written instructions. Not to mention that our favorite ghost, Helena, is back with her own brand of the help. Which means more trouble than help in most cases.

I have to say that by the end of the last book, Resurrection in Mudbug, I really expected Colt and Jadyn to get together like the previous couples in the previous books. But it just wasn’t in her cards for her. At least not then. This book is Take Two for the couple. It’s so much fun watching them fight their mutual attraction. I still have high hopes for her. I loved seeing all the previous characters in this book come together to help search for her friend Raissa. It was like a big family reunion. I loved the book.

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The spirit-in-law is Helen. Always causing a mess of the trouble that makes you really laugh. He wears strange outfits that he can’t always control. Sometimes you can’t control whether you always have dough at the wrong time or not. She keeps stealing food.
Few women can see them. Helen used to be rich.

Jadyn St. James is the new ranger. She is Maryse’s cousin. She hasn’t been around in a long time. She has problems with her mother. She can see Helen.

Maryse Robicheaux was Helen’s daughter-in-law. She was the first to see and hear Helen at her funeral. They didn’t get along. Helen left him almost everything because she knew that Maryse would protect the country. She is now married to the Luc, the DEA agent.

Sheriff Colt Bertrand has a crush on Jadyn. Colt is tough. He wants to help find his girlfriend, even if she’s not close to her.

An FBI agent was hit and ran on his way back to town. His wife, also another FBI agent, Raissa Bordeaux, is missing. The two agents are married. They had just finished a covert operation.
The FBI agent in charge wants everyone except the FBI to stay out of the swamp. Maryse actually owns the land and rents it from the state. Jadyn has authority over the swamp. Colt finds out if he can take his vacation and be a private contractor working for Jadyn. You can search the shacks in the swamps and see if someone has used one to stay with Raissa.

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