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Corrupt book pdf download for free or read online, also Corrupt pdf was written by Penelope Douglas.

AuthorPenelope Douglas
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Corrupt Book PDF download for free

Corrupt Book PDF download for free

How far can you go Pushing the limits is the name of the game. The rules may change, but do you have the courage to do it? In it we meet four friends, almost brothers and a girl. Who can push who the more furthest and end up on top? Trust is tested. Friendship is put to the test. The truth sets you free, but how far you go is up to you. Read what they are made of and who survives.

Corrupt Pdf Download

Corrupt is the 1 book in the Devil’s Night series by Penelope Douglas. Each book focuses on a different man from the main group of friends. The story takes place in the same world as the independent Punk 57 (whose main character is the cousin of a character from the Devil’s Night series). You could read it alone since there is no suspense.

This is the second Penelope Douglas book I’ve read and it definitely won’t be the last. I picked this book because I realized how much I loved Punk 57 and his writing style, plus the reviews for this book were all like “wtf” and “what the hell did I just read?”. and another person wanted to go in with no expectations and also enjoy the ride.

And what a fucking ride it was, that’s the best way to describe it. My head is still spinning, I had the weirdest dreams after finishing it and I’m pretty sure my senses are fried. I also tweeted this sentiment to the author and she responded with a nasty gif of the Grinch saying everything went according to plan so yeah.

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Corrupt is a new adult contemporary erotic romantic suspense book and I can honestly say that I have never read anything like it. I can’t say there isn’t anything like it, but this was really new to me. It’s dark, uncomfortable, twisted, scary, exciting, intense, titillating, and still very sexy. This was not a love story set in a suspenseful plot, the romance itself was suspenseful and harrowing.

This is one where I feel like trigger warnings are important, but the whole thing could really trigger, so I don’t even know how it falls apart. Consent is on shakier ground here and there are several non-consensual interactions where the main character clearly says he doesn’t and is harassed or attacked and a situation that almost amounts to a rape scene. Pretty much all of this behavior is meant to add to the scary tension of the story, and it definitely works, leaving you wondering just how far these characters will go and if you can handle it.

The plot is very imaginative. Michael and his three friends are called the Four Horsemen and they have a reputation of going around on Devil’s Night, the night before Halloween, to do some pretty serious “pranks” while wearing these super scary masks, and a year later they come back. graduates and eventually brought high school student Rika with them.

The POV alternates between Rika and Michael and the story jumps between that night in the past and the present where Rika is in college in a new city and begins to meet Michael and the other three Horsemen who have just been released from prison. again after three years and everyone is acting like sinister idiots.

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The boys blame Rika for being imprisoned, and now they seek to get revenge on her really elaborate and terrifying. But she really has no idea until it’s too late.

I really loved each of the characters in this book. They were dark, haunted, and utterly exciting (sorry, no apologies for overusing those adjectives!). I would be scared but very excited to hang out with these people, and I wouldn’t be able to hang out with them either because I’m not that tough.

The settings are intentionally creepy and lavish, fitting the tone and mood of the story perfectly. The theme was recognizing who you are, not regretting or hiding your true self, and finding strength (and sexuality!) in fear.

I cannot praise Douglas’s writing style enough. She is very skilled and she makes you feel exactly what she wants from you. While Corrupt story was truly insane, the writing of it kept it alive without being ridiculous or cheesy.

Recommended for fans of erotic, romantic suspense and creepy alpha guys in masks.

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