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The Shining Girls book pdf download for free or read online, also The Shining Girls pdf was written by Lauren Beukes.

BookThe Shining Girls
AuthorLauren Beukes
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The Shining Girls Book PDF download for free

The Shining Girls Book PDF download for free

Harper Curtis is a murderer from the past. Kirby Mazrachi is the girl who should never have a future. Kirby is The Last Shining Girl, one of those bright young women burning with potential whose life Harper is determined to end after stumbling upon a house in Depression-era Chicago that opens up to other times.

At the behest of the house, Harper meddles in the lives of these bright girls, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. She is the ultimate hunter who disappears without a trace into another time after each murder, until one of his victims survives.

Determined to bring her would-be killer to justice, Kirby joins the Chicago Sun-Times to work with reporter Dan Velasquez, who covered her case. Kirby soon discovers an impossible truth.

The Shining Girls Pdf Download

The Shining Girls is a cross between time travel sci-fi and serial killer crime, but don’t believe Matt Haig’s blurb on the back cover that it’s a cross between The Time Traveller’s Wife and The Silence of the Lambs. Even if your wildest imagination could mix the two, you still wouldn’t come close to The Shining Girls. Yes, there is time travel and yes, there is an evil serial killer out there, but this killer already knows who he is going to kill and visits his victims beforehand, even leaving them something to hold on to until he returns. I bought The Shining Girls book solely for its summer reading/beach potential and it did not disappoint.

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In this story, time passes in different chronologies. The serial killer in this novel, Harper Curtis, has his own timeline: he jumps in and out of time from the 1930s to 1993, and then there’s the timeline of one of his victims, Kirby, whom Harper mistakenly left alive after a brutal attack. . Third, there is the actual historical chronology, time, and changing settings that advance the story. It may seem confusing at first, but it makes sense here.

At the beginning of the novel, Harper Curtis is running from an angry mob in Depression-era Hooverville. She runs into a hut, grabs a coat, and leaves; In one of her pockets is a key. He is drawn to a mysterious house in the city of Chicago, a jump point in time; a place where his fate and that of a group of young women he doesn’t even know are literally written on the walls. The women are the luminous girls of the title, and he is forced to chase them through time, ultimately ending his luminous potential in the world.

Harper visits everyone long before killing them and leaving a mark; Years later, when the time comes for a woman’s death, he leaves each of them with something different, something from one of the other victims. One of them, Kirby Mazrachi, escapes a brutal attack and his fate of death, but is left with physical and emotional scars.

She is obsessed with finding the person who did this to her, determined enough to become an intern at a newspaper that covered the case after gaining access to the newspaper’s files. She recognized the pattern of the artifacts left behind, but finding someone to listen to her is nearly impossible, as is trying to pin down a specific individual who knows she’s responsible for a series of other brutal attacks.

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On the surface, this book might read like another serial killer novel with a time travel gimmick as a hook, but to me it goes way beyond that kind of simplified explanation. Harper figuratively rips off the women’s wings and kills them just as they begin to change in her presence; She also cuts off her potential to change the future of others.

As I think about it, it seems to me that the author is not only talking about men who feel compelled to restrain women, but also about victims of violence, where every life lost represents a loss of future opportunity. The crazy time loops in this novel help point out that even as time passes, violence against women has always been, is, and always will be a part of our existence, with repercussions that only spread over time.

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