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Dark Whispers From Beyond book pdf download for free or read online, also Dark Whispers From Beyond pdf was written by I. T. Lucas.

Isabell T. Lucas is the bestselling author and Top 10 Kindle All-Star of the Children of the Gods & Perfect Match series. In addition to action, mystery, and steamy romance, his stories combine paranormal elements with mythology, ancient civilizations, alternate history, and contemporary science. His idea of happiness is relaxing with a great cup of coffee and a good book.

BookDark Whispers From Beyond
AuthorI. T. Lucas
Size660 KB

Dark Whispers From Beyond Book PDF download for free

Dark Whispers From Beyond Book PDF download for free

The sacrifices Kaia and her family must make for a chance at immortality could tear them apart, and success is not guaranteed.

Is it worth the risk of losing everything for the dubious promise of eternal life?

Dark Whispers From Beyond Book Pdf Download

There is still no definitive answer to the information in the magazines!

Although Kaia and William’s story is more about technology, information and family connections than mystery, adventure or action, it is still quite interesting, exciting and moving.
Family is everything, and the new bloodlines within the clan are vital to the future.

It’s nice to see the clan finding so many potential inactives out of a group of people, resulting in many more clan members, future partners and generations of their children.

With Kaia having such a large family and the possibility that her stepfather and Eric are related to Syssi, it all brings with it a lot of complications for all of them to reorganize and leave their old lives, try to switch and to move to the village.

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They love their homes, jobs, life, friends, etc. And the usual concerns about whether it’s safe to move, and with three young children, Gilbert and Karen are afraid to take the risk. Toven tries to ease their concerns by assuring them that the blessings of 2 gods will ensure their smooth transition. It worries me that Kaia is so confident and inquisitive that she seems to know no bounds! He seems to anticipate many things that he does not have to think or decide. She is very stubborn, determined and impulsive. I really don’t like that about her. It can cause serious problems with diaries and the important information they contain.

Again, there are a few chapters about Jade and her tribe, but not much has happened yet to enlighten us on the path she will lead us down.

And the author brought in a story where Kaia has memories of a past life as a man, but he’s not sure if that leads to anything else or just to keep the reincarnation theme in the mix. Especially since Annani noted that most reincarnations are usually of the same gender, so it’s curious if this goes anywhere.
Anyway, another wonderful book, romance and sequel to the immortal world created by this author in Dark Whispers From Beyond!!!

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