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Destroy Me book pdf download for free or read online, also Destroy Me pdf was written by Michelle Heard.

BookDestroy Me
AuthorMichelle Heard
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Destroy Me Book PDF download for free

Destroy Me Book PDF download for free

another amazing dark mob read by attractive men. Misha and Aurora meet at a nightclub and Misha finds out during her time in the trap that she is the enemy. 2 years later they meet again at the training camp. Here they have to work together on the hard part of being together. Misha has done a lot to protect the Aurora from her. This is beautifully written and with so much action and emotion in this story.

What an explosive start to a new Michelle series. Misha and Aurora’s first meeting was romantic and full of sexual tension, but circumstances worked against them from the start. They meet again, but the Mafia and the Bratva are mortal enemies. There are some pretty brutal scenes when they undergo their training, it’s harsh but it fits into the overall story.

Destroy Me Pdf Download

I enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters, but the jokes and the bond Misha has with her friends created some of the funniest and most interesting parts of the book. I loved watching Aurora and Misha overcome all the obstacles in their path to be together. I know this is the first book and we will see them again but the ending was too quick, I wish I had explored it more so I can spend more time with them when things are settled.

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Misha and Aurora’s first interaction was love at first sight. But after discovering that they were enemies. Their second meeting was anything but sparks. Misha hates Aurora, but she can’t help how she feels for him ever since they met. Her connection. Your explosive spark. Bound by the forced closeness, they are now forced to train together and Mischa does her best to hate Aurora. But the more time they spend together, the more he can’t contain her feelings for her. And she stops fighting her feelings and will do anything to have Aurora. But will that mean taking action against the Bratva?

Oh my God! I completely devoured this book in just one day! It was one of those books that you really couldn’t put down. I loved Mischa’s jealousy and possessiveness. And when he finally gave in to those feelings, I swooned over that man! Their connection to him, the story of him, and the spice of him! I love everything. I’m obsessed with the mob world of Michelle Heard. I loved the new characters we meet in this first book. And we already know some! I can’t wait to read more of this series!

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