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From The Embers book pdf download for free or read online, also From The Embers pdf was written by Aly Martinez.

BookFrom The Embers
AuthorAly Martinez
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From The Embers Book PDF download for free

From The Embers Book PDF download for free

I can’t remember what I was expecting when I read the blurb for the story and decided to read it. This author is not a one-clicker for me because some of her stories struck me as average. The blurb was interesting though: A man pulls a woman out of a fire… and she’s the wrong woman. It was clear that it wasn’t going to be a romantic comedy and that it was going to be emotional.

First of all, this isn’t just a single dad romance. It’s a romance with a single parent. There are two parents who struggle with a lot in the story. They struggle not only with death, but also with betrayal and heartbreak.

From The Embers Pdf Download

From The Embers story begins with two couples. Eason and Jessica have a son and are struggling to have him while he works on his music career. Our first look at them looks realistic. Because he didn’t make it in the music business and she doesn’t work, they have a hard time paying the bills. So there is tension. Her situation is not improved by the fact that her best friend is very critical of Bree Eason and wants her friend to be more comfortable.

There’s no sign that Bree is encouraging her friend Jessica to leave Eason, only that it’s abundantly clear that she’s not a fan of Eason. Bree’s husband Rob is Eason’s best friend from before college and is very close to Eason, giving him advice and encouragement in his music career. We learn that Bree owns a business that she lets Rob run while she stays at home with her two children.

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I’m instantly mad at Eason because I picture a guy making his family suffer while chasing his dream, irritated by Bree, who I assume is spoiled and whispering in Jessica’s ear about her bad situation, and I already hate that Jessica I’ve decided I need to get a job or stop complaining. Rob is the only person who seems good natured and in control of his shit.

Of course, I don’t want to spoil anything, but let me just say that this story turned me on my head. While surprised, I still had mixed feelings about the characters as they went through their victories and defeats. Strangely, since I rarely get emotional in love stories, I sometimes felt my eyes water from having to put myself in their shoes while they were going through some things. I really don’t know how I would deal with the things that happened in this book, what they learned and what the future might hold for them.

However, the author managed to inject a lot of humor, love and hope into this story. The kids really stole every scene they were in. I’m really critical of the way children are portrayed in the books. Very often they are made too precocious or their actions and words just don’t match their age. At first I thought that about the kid. He’s five years old and I thought he sounded like an 11 year old at first, but as you move on you see his personality. The two little girls are written exactly for the age of their little boys. Children are charming in their scenes.

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The growth of Eason and Bree’s relationship from enmity to friendship and beyond was well done, if not entirely believable. I mean it’s a fictional romance. There’s no real change to Eason’s bow; He was and still is a great father and a decent husband. Bree had a big shift in my perspective. He had to go back to his company and face a few more challenges than Eason. Perhaps because he had his sights set on her in the beginning, as the story progressed he was very proud and happy for her.

I didn’t see one of the surprises coming, but after it happened I saw the second surprise. I didn’t see the last 15% or so of the story at all. I know there had to be something towards the end, about 80%, that was going to be The Big Challenge, but it went from an emotional romance and life story to an episode of Scooby Doo. That’s all I’ll say because it didn’t ruin the book for me, but I took a star off.

I liked From The Embers book and recommend it to romance readers, especially if you want to stir your heart a little.

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