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Royal Honor book pdf download for free or read online, also Royal Honor pdf was written by May Dawson.

BookRoyal Honor
AuthorMay Dawson
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Royal Honor Book PDF download for free

Royal Honor Book PDF download for free

My rebellious kingdom will bow to me as queen…or we all die.

My men and I are being attacked from all sides. My evil uncle is invading the island. The god of chaos pursues Caldren. The unbridled scourge rampages through the kingdom.

I fight for the future of the island. But I’m also fighting for a happy ending: for Talisyn’s eyes to light up with memories and for Zehr to finally take his place by my side. That even after Jaik and Caldren usurped the crown, they would take their places at my side… together. Let Damyn give in to the desire between us.

Chaos will try to separate us.

But I will bring us all together… or die trying.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the Honor story!

Royal Honor Pdf Download

We start with book 4 with everyone being pretty far apart, Lynx and Branok trying to keep the academy and capital going. Talisyn and Damyn work to find Honor and make sure she doesn’t have any further problems. Arren is with Honor taking care of Zehr and all that stuff. Finally, Jaik and Caldren are working to bridge the gap between predatory and prey shapeshifters. So all of our characters really have their hands full!

Don’t worry, reading Royal Honor book will make your heart skip a beat. The rollercoaster of emotions is not neglected. Between them separated the chaos of the Scourge and the various battles they face. It’s a lot of worry making sure everyone who needs to survive does.

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One thing that was wonderfully done was May’s ability to bring redemption to all the honor boys! Wow I loved reading about all the guys especially one ? and they finally came together as a whole. While Honor’s journey to becoming the amazing woman she is now hasn’t been easy, the ending is 100% worth it. The HEA they all got was truly a sight to behold, especially when you remember book 1 and how much hate and anger many of them had.

The end of the story of the royal shapeshifter dragons. Honor still tries to help the Scourge at the risk of being despised by the shapeshifters for sacrificing their powers, but our FMC is known for doing what is right for the world and its people. Zehr and Honor grow closer as she struggles to find a solution and the stone to break the Scourge curse. We learn more about Hanna and watch as Jaik and his brother grow closer. Graduation will leave you relieved and happy! They’re getting their HEA and I’m so happy for them. Good luck to Honor dealing with all these Alpha Males and their protective, possessive attitude!

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