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Sidelined book pdf download for free or read online, also Sidelined pdf was written by Becca Steele.

AuthorBecca Steele
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Sidelined Book PDF download for free

Sidelined Book PDF download for free

I’ve been really in love with my best friend Ander for as long as I can remember. I always kept my feelings to myself because I knew I would never have a chance because he was straight.
Until the day he does me a favor by pretending to be my boyfriend.

After that things change. He’s suddenly interested in experimenting with guys, but not with me.
It’s time for me to move on and accept that nothing will ever change between us. He really only sees me as his best friend.

Sidelined Pdf Download

Except… now he’s looking at me differently.
Do you feel more than just friendship for me, or am I just kidding myself?
I guess it’s time to find out.

Sidelined is a new lover-best-friends- and bi-awakening-themed adult M/M college romance. It is the 2 book in the LSU series. Each book can be read independently.

Every time Becca Steele releases a new book, I can’t help but devour it quickly. She has a way of building plots and character development in a way that draws me in and makes me feel like I’m physically there. His characters are so transparent. Raw and real. She brings the right amount of angst and racy scenes that will have you turning page after page.

Outcast was no different. Eliot, oh Eliot. I feel very sorry for him. Being in love with someone you think you can never have is emotionally devastating. He’s so full of emotion and his character just bleeds through the book, smiling and pretending his heart won’t break. Putting aside his longing and happiness for his best friend. Ander is confident but not arrogant. He enjoys the company of women and is not shy. It is both wonderfully complex and simple. Just your average young adult navigating college courses and the social life that comes with it. He is fiercely loyal to his best friend and will do anything to make sure Elliot is okay.

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This includes pretending to be his friend and kissing him to make it look real. Things are starting to change and it will never be the same again. It was incredible to see Elliot and Ander’s romance blossom. They have such a beautiful friendship and you can’t help but root for them. Go through the emotions with them, fully understand why they think the way they are. The heartbreak is real and keeps you going. They really are the true definition of the ride or die. I fell in love with Ander and Elliot’s story and couldn’t get enough of it. I absolutely loved having an epilogue to see its future. 10/10 recommended. I will definitely read it again!

Sidelined was incredible. How holy crap did I just read this perfection in one go? I absolutely made it! I think I really enjoyed it because it felt different. Many bi revival stories have a character who denies their attraction to men. I really loved Ander and how he embraced these new feelings and wanted to know more about them.

Elliot and Ander have been friends for a long time. Ander is a soccer player and Elliot is best supportive friend immersed in this world but not a player. One night, Ander helps Elliot avoid another boy’s unwanted advances and kisses him. That was a great kiss and it made a difference. For Elliot, this made him even more confused about his chances with his best friend, who he secretly had a crush on. For Ander, he has to figure out if that kiss was so good because he likes boys or just because he was with Elliot.

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While Sidelined starts off with the hottest kiss within the first 10%, it actually reads like a slow burn. Sometimes I would yell at my book to just communicate better and move on! But I really loved the pace of it all. It really felt appropriate, even if it was frustrating. I really fell in the love with both Ander and Elliot. Their joint and individual journey was something very special. I really loved watching them find their way to each other. And it probably has one of my favorite romantic scenes!

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