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Sinful Lessons book pdf download for free or read online, also Sinful Lessons pdf was written by Bianca Cole.

BookSinful Lessons
AuthorBianca Cole
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Sinful Lessons Book PDF download for free

Sinful Lessons Book PDF download for free

I was chasing after a monster, and now I’m not sure I can survive its wrath.
Gavril Nitkin is known for his dark and depraved ways.
After years of falling in love with the hot, sadistic, and intimidating teacher, I’m finally trying to catch him.
Big mistake.
Man is not man, he is an animal.

And now that I have your attention, you won’t leave me alone.
He’s evil, tortured, evil, and possibly insane.
There’s a change in the way he looks at me.
He looks at me with hell boiling up in those unique hazel eyes.

Misconduct is the best way to approach Professor Nitkin
My countless appearances in front of your door open my eyes to some pretty twisted facts about me.
I know I should put it away before it’s shattered beyond repair.
Problem is, once I get addicted to it, I can’t stop.

I’m afraid it’s getting under my skin too much.
As graduation nears, the most important question is not whether I will survive his wrath, but whether I will survive the agony of having to walk away.

As a monster, there can be no heart, but I can’t help but hope this monster isn’t beyond repair.

Sinful Lessons is the 3 book in the Syndicate Academy series. This book can be read on its own and has a happy ending. This is a dark tale of a forbidden romance between student and teacher and has dark themes, hot scenes, violence, content that some readers may find disturbing, and profanity.

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Sinful Lessons Book Pdf Download

Gavril and Camilla’s relationship is a madcap student-teacher romance. Almost like the first book in this series. But we can see the other characters from the previous books! I was happy to hear from them again. Anyway, I have to say it’s a bit dark, but it also has BDSM in it. It’s not my favorite to have a lot of BDSM as reading about it isn’t my thing, but he was fine with that. I’d rather have less, but that’s my opinion. Nonetheless, it is a well thought out book.

Sinful Lessons literally melted the panties! It was like the 4th of July explosive fireworks!
Camilla has had eyes on Gavril since ninth grade, ever since he grounded her and beat her up. But she didn’t know what she felt. Now 3 years later she is totally in tune with what her body wants and what she wants or who she wants.

Gavril is dark and twisted and he’s had a bad life. The last thing he wants is love and he has no relationships, for him it’s just sex. He tries to tell Camilla that when they start dating, but she soon falls head over heels for him and he’s still fighting his feelings. But when her secret is exposed and her family forces her to return home, Gavril will stop at nothing to get his girl back.
I can’t wait for the next Adrianna and Archer story!

This is the third book in this series, but it can also be read individually. Camilla has had a crush on Gavril for years and knows exactly how to get his attention. He’s not afraid to tell her who and what he really is and that there can never be a relationship between them. She can’t stop loving him, will she be able to leave after graduation? Fast read with lots of drama, suspense and excitement. Great characters with a lot of depth and hot scenes. I loved!

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Two halves of a whole. This is how I would describe Gavril and Camilla, the main characters in Sinful Lessons, the third book in Bianca Cole’s Syndicate Academy series.

This book was a really intense read. Gavril believes he is irrevocably broken and heartless. Gavril is the epitome of darkness. Camilla is a star student who follows all the rules and is the light of Gravril’s darkness. Camilla comes to terms with the fact that the only way she can get close to Gravil, who she has had a crush on since she met him when she was 15, is if she acts up because Gavril is the school secretary.

I love this story because I believe even the darkest soul deserves love and some form of redemption.
I can’t wait for the next book with Archer and Adrianna. Another teacher-student relationship in the Syndicate Academy series.

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