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Suite On The Boss book pdf download for free or read online, also Suite On The Boss pdf was written by Olivia Hayle.

BookSuite On The Boss
AuthorOlivia Hayle
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Suite On The Boss Book PDF download for free

Suite On The Boss Book PDF download for free

Fake dating my billionaire boss to get back at my ex? Yes, please.
But fall in love with him? It’s something I vowed never to do again.

Isaac Winter is the 4 generation owner of the legendary 5th Ave Hotel that bears his last name. He’s at the top of New York’s high society… and I’ve outgrown him.

When he hires my company, I find myself drawn into endless meetings with him, determined to impress the cold, untouchable leader of the Winters.

The last thing she expected was to date him about the fake.

You need your matchmaking family to take a step back. I also? Getting revenge on my cheating ex-husband sounds great, and even better when it’s done with a man whose name opens every door in town.

In our nightly conversations, the line between fake and authentic quickly blurs. Isaac is impulsive, passionate, intelligent… and has a lot less control than it seems. Revenge feels delicious.

But I’m done with the rich men of New York and their scams.
They think they can buy whatever they want, but my heart isn’t for sale.

Suite on the Boss is a standalone novel and part of the New York Billionaires series. It can be read on its own or as part of the series in which other characters make small cameo appearances.

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Suite On The Boss Book Pdf Download

Isaac first meets Olivia, who is running out of her hotel as her world explodes around her. He was the person who gave her comfort and compassion before she had to decide what to do next. Months after losing everything, even the people he considered friends, he drowns his sadness by throwing himself into his work. When he gets a big job, he realizes it’s going to be exciting for the hotelier.

You can feel the connection they have through the pages of the story and your heart melts as their relationship evolves from fake dates to real feelings. These two really are two peas in a pod that are so similar in so many ways. This contemporary love story will give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings as she gets back to her EX and he stops his family from going on blind dates with her. There are some funny parts and some really sad parts, but overall, this story will capture your heart as these two figure out how to overcome the issues that are holding them back.

I was completely captivated by these characters the whole time and loved every aspect of their story. Must read.
This is the fifth book in the NY Billionaire series and is the story of Isaac (Anthony’s brother and son of the Winter family) and Sophia. I have read all of your stories in the series and really enjoyed them. I really like your writing. She makes the characters engaging, funny, likeable and relatable. They are also too human with flaws.

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This book went in the same direction. It’s been a while since his last book came out (I mean a few months) and I don’t recall liking Isaac very much, but I’m not sure of the details. In this book, Isaac leaves work (at the Winter Hotel) and goes out to dinner and meets a sobbing woman on the run: Sophia. It turns out that she just caught her husband cheating on her and Isaac helps her.

A few months pass and Sophia is divorced and works at Exciteur and has to consult with the winter hotel group. She and Isaac become close, sort of a fake date, and fall in love. But Isaac believes that she is obsessed with her ex and has trouble trusting Isaac since he is upper class like her ex.

I liked Isaac and Sophia and their relationship developed naturally. Both of them tried to be honest with each other most of the time and seemed to gravitate towards it almost instinctively. She was a bit more blind to her feelings than Isaac and the fight at the end felt a bit forced. However, the rest of the book was entertaining and enjoyable to read. I must congratulate Mrs Hayle. His writing is so compelling that I think he could have a horrible plot and still make me like the book!

Olivia is just amazing, I swear if I could somehow chain the woman to her laptop and give her all her favorite wine and food to get a book from her a month I would do a moonwalk. River dance or any number of pop locks…. I loved this book and all of his books. Sophia and Isaac’s story was sooooo good considering there’s usually, in typical Hayle fashion, there’s always a shoe waiting to be dropped. It really took me a long time to see it.

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Normally his readers stand in front of said shoe and wonder how the Mc is supposed to get out of the hole he climbed into, but this time he was totally shocked or maybe he just wasn’t thinking that much. World building in typical Hayleian fashion was superb. Lots of laughter, simmering romance and sarcastic jokes. That’s why I think it’s so great that you’re writing. She is full of talent and I am always happy when she publishes a book.

It’s always good to read up on characters from other books and I have to say Hayle can write some villains himself… I’m such a rebellious bear… I wanted to take Percy to the back and have a nice chat with the boy.. .But I have to say, as much as I liked Sophia, she had flaws…I understand where she’s from and what she feels, but constantly being compared to someone’s ex-husband is really annoying! So he was totally on Isaac’s side.

There were a lot of mistakes in that regard, and I think that’s what Hayles’ books are mostly about. It teaches us that communication is key and that you really have to look at things from both sides, ladies and gentlemen. This book was amazing!

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