Download Dr Off Limits [PDF] By Louise Bay

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Dr Off Limits book pdf download for free or read online, also Dr Off Limits pdf was written by Louise Bay.

USA Today bestselling author Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance, the kind you love to read. Each novel is independent.

BookDr Off Limits
AuthorLouise Bay
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Dr Off Limits Book PDF download for free

Dr Off Limits Book PDF download for free

This was a beautiful story about Sutton and Jacob. Determined to be the best doctor, Sutton devotes all her time to her work. Jacob is an established doctor from a renowned family of doctors trying to make a name for himself and his career. A blind date brings them together before Sutton’s first day at work and they are attracted to each other.

They are forced to slow down when Sutton finds out that Jacob is now his boss/teacher and they have to work closely together. They realize that a personal relationship isn’t possible because they both have professional goals, but the attraction between them is strong and undeniable. As always, Louise Bay wrote a moving yet poignant story and I can’t wait for the next one. She never disappoints.

Dr Off Limits Book Pdf Download

I’ve liked some books more than others, but I have to say that this one was the most adorable. With some flirty moments, sexy moments, and bittersweet moments, this book has all the feelings, and the characters are just adorable!

Sutton had a terrible life. She has been on her own since she was sixteen and worked as a hairdresser for a living until she got the urge to study medicine. Everything she’s done has to do with hard work and getting by, so she’s very resilient and strong. He also feels a bit inferior, so he doesn’t feel on the same level as his peers as he begins his first year of foundation work at the Royal Free Hospital. She’s so worried that her boyfriend Parker sets her up on a blind date to take her mind off her first day at work.

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She goes to her date, has a great time and ends up in bed with her date. Then the next Monday, when he starts work, he finds out that his sexy affair is now his boss!

Jacob Cove is the eldest son of legendary physicians John and Carole Cove. Feeling the weight of his parents’ achievements, he is highly motivated to succeed and perhaps surpass his parents’ praise. Watching their Saturday night adventure from the medical student body, he is filled with horror, then excitement. There really was more to this night than sex, she was a wonderful partner and her conversation flowed, it felt so good. He replaced his brother Beau and never told Sutton his real name, and now he’s in a bind.

They decide never to mention their one-night stand, never to speak to each other unless it’s necessary, but the closeness and their incredibly hot chemistry made all of that impossible.

I loved this forbidden love story so much! Sutton was wonderful, so charming and so understanding. She always expected rejection, and when Jacob showed how committed he was to her, it blossomed. The fear of being discovered gripped her and she seemed on the verge of running the whole time while Jacob clung to her the whole time. The moments when they are together in the story are really beautiful apart from the hot, delicious and sexy moments.

I loved that Jacob was neither entitled nor reckless. He was brilliant, but he was also a great teacher and a doctor who cared about his patients. Sutton grew intuitive and wise and really shone among her teammates, but she never saw that. Their road to being together faced many obstacles, and I saw that most of the obstacles were in Sutton’s mind. I loved how, with Jacob’s help, she honed her strengths and learned to see herself for the wonderful, capable, and loving person that she was. Really charming!

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