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Transfer Of Power book pdf download for free or read online, also Transfer Of Power pdf was written by Vince Flynn.

BookTransfer Of Power
AuthorVince Flynn
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Transfer Of Power Book PDF download for free

Transfer Of Power Book PDF download for free

The stately calm of a Washington morning is shattered when a group of terrorists descend, killing dozens and taking nearly a hundred hostage as they attempt to infiltrate the White House.

The Secret Service immediately evacuates the President to an underground bunker, and as the officers discuss the best way to negotiate with the enemy, Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top counter-terrorist agent, secretly moves through the hidden corridors and passageways. secrets of the nation’s capital from the CIA. to rescue the hostages before the terrorists reach the president.

But there is someone waiting in the wings, someone among Washington’s elite who is determined to see Rapp’s rescue mission fail.

Transfer Of Power Book PDF download for free

Transfer of Power is my first Vince Flynn novel and I couldn’t have enjoyed it better. Mr. Flynn’s writing style, theme, storytelling and characters are very reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s and I think if you like one it’s hard not to like the other. As much as I enjoyed my first Flynn novel, I doubt I’ll ever see it live up to Clancy’s, but that speaks more to time and nostalgia. However, I suspect he could finish a very close second.

I just finished the book and the next two (in order of publication dates) are due tomorrow. I look forward to a new series of books to enjoy and new characters to invest in. It saddens me that Vince Flynn, who just found him last week, also died in 2013, but luckily he left us with a dozen novels.

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Transfer of Power wasn’t the first Mitch Rapp adventure written by the late Vince Flynn at the time, but it was the first book he wrote in the series, and it’s still the best in my opinion. Although Transfer of Power was written in 1999, two years before 9/11, it treated the threat of extremist terrorism on American soil in a way that made 9/11 seem almost tame.

This is classic Mitch Rapp, an undercover CIA agent and assassin disguised as a dopey scruffy elderly Arab drifter who is following a lead about master terrorist Rafique Aziz kidnapping one of his closest associates, Fara Harut. After the kidnapping, Rapp soon discovers that Harut knows of a plot to storm the White House and kill the American president, but when Rapp warns his CIA boss, Irene Kennedy, the plot is in action.

Rafique Aziz is already in the White House posing as the Saudi prince when his fellow terrorists enter the building, leaving dozens dead, almost a hundred more hostages and booby traps placed around the building. A quick Secret Service intervention places the President in an underground bunker, but the terrorists have plans to break into the bunker.

Rapp quickly finds himself embroiled in a high-level meeting chaired by the vice president planning ways to negotiate with the terrorists for the release of the hostages. Rapp soon tells them in no uncertain terms how stupid his plans are. With the help of the military, Rapp finds a way to break into the White House to try to rescue the president and the hostages.

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This is a classic, adrenaline-pumping political/terror thriller that has stood the test of time. I was blown away when it was first published and was still thrilled and impressed when I reviewed it 15 years later.

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