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Family Reunion book pdf download for free or read online, also Family Reunion pdf was written by Nancy Thayer.

Nancy Thayer born on December 14, year 1943 is an American novelist who has written thirty-one books.

Thayer is the daughter of Jane Patton and was born on December 14, year 1943 in Emporia, Kansas. Thayer married Charles Walters, a music store owner, her second husband, in year 1984. They live in Nantucket, Massachusetts and have two children: Joshua Thayer and Samantha Wilde, who is also a writer.

Thayer published her first novel when she was in her late forties and already had two children. She has since published regularly. Her novels focus on contemporary social issues along with interesting plots and characters.

Her books have been translated into Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, French, Polish, Swedish, Romanian, Hebrew and Finnish.

BookFamily Reunion
AuthorNancy Thayer
Size3.4 MB

Family Reunion Book PDF download for free

Family Reunion Book PDF download for free

Eleanor Sunderland loves living on Nantucket in a beautiful clifftop home that her family has owned for decades. However, this year she can’t help but feel a bit isolated, even as the island comes alive with summer travellers. Her best friend has left town, leaving Eleanor alone and homesick for her family’s weekend trips to the island, which have dwindled in the years since her husband’s death.

Now her money-hungry children are complaining about her and asking her to sell her beloved house for a big cash payment. Hoping to start the season off on the right foot, Eleanor decides her 70th birthday might be the perfect occasion for a much-needed reunion.

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Eleanor’s granddaughter Ari, fresh out of college, has just finished an engagement. She longs for a change of scenery and an escape from her parents’ snobbish expectations of her. Taking advantage of her newfound freedom, she heads to Nantucket to clear her head before graduating from school, move in with her grandmother, and get a job at the local beach camp. As she watches Eleanor begin to bond with an old acquaintance, Ari falls for the charming older brother of a friend of hers. But just as the grandmother and granddaughter are getting into a carefree routine, they make some shocking discoveries.

Eleanor and Ari learn to lean on each other for each new challenge in life and love in this story steeped in Nancy Thayer’s signature Nantucket magic.

Family Reunion Book Pdf Download

Nancy Thayer’s Family Reunion was a wonderfully moving stand-alone novel set on Nantucket with two wonderful heroines and their families. Eleanor Sunderland, our heroine, loves her life on Nantucket, and even though she is a widow and alone in this big house by the sea, she is happy and content.

When her family comes to visit to celebrate her 70th birthday, they try to pressure her into selling it. Ella’s daughter Alicia and her son Cliff want her to sell her so she can make millions, claiming she can go to a good retirement home. Eleanor has no intention of letting her children take what she still loves. Ari, her granddaughter (the other heroine) is amazing and loves spending time with her grandmother on Nantucket. Especially in the hectic summer.

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Ari has just broken off her engagement to her boyfriend, who she now knows she doesn’t love even though they’ve been friends since school. She decides to spend the summer with her grandmother on Nantucket and starts working as a caretaker at a camp for children, especially those with no money. Ari meets new friends who work at the camp, as well as others who come from the rich side.

I really loved everything about Ari and how much she loved her grandmother, both watching crime TV and cooking and just listening to her grandmother share stories from the past. Personally, I didn’t like Alicia because she was totally hungry for money, even though her husband made a lot of money as a surgeon, but Alicia always wanted more.

As Eleanor and Ari enjoy a wonderful summer on Nantucket, a series of problems arise along the way. Ari meets a friend’s brother, for whom she will develop feelings, but then an unexpected problem could ruin her budding relationship. Eleanor begins spending time with a widowed neighbor and the two spend their free time enjoying wonderful fun and local friends. Ari will also discover that her father may be cheating on her mother, which will add to the drama that is part of her summer. This is a true family drama filled with romance, greedy relatives, and infidelity that affects everyone.

Family Reunion was a delightful read from start to finish. This story revolves around two great heroines in Eleanor and Ari. In a wonderful Nantucket atmosphere, Nancy Thayer wrote a beautiful and moving story, a wonderful book to read.

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