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Wreck And Ruin book pdf download for free or read online, also Wreck And Ruin pdf was written by Emma Slate.

Emma Slate writes on the go. The dangerous alpha males she writes about are not thrilled that she shares their stories for her enjoyment. She so far she has been able to escape from them on the jet set all over the world. She only wears black leather because it’s tough… and it hides blood.

BookWreck And Ruin
AuthorEmma Slate
Size1.8 MB

Wreck And Ruin Book PDF download for free

Wreck And Ruin Book PDF download for free

My life is boring. Monotonous.

And then a tall, dark, dangerous man walks into the bar where he works.

Before I know it I am in his arms asking him to save me.

This is Colt Weston, president of the Blue Angels MC.

Colt makes me feel alive… and loved.

The Blue Angels accept me as one of their own, and when a violent rival threatens to tear us apart, I learn what loyalty really means.

Family. Sacrifice. Revenge.

There’s nothing Colt wouldn’t do to protect me.

Wreck And Ruin Book Pdf Download

I am speechless. Stunned by the absolute perfection this book was. I sincerely hope that in my review I can express how much I loved and adored this novel. But if I start to digress and lose you at some point, then you should know that I am so in love with this story and its characters and almost everything about WRECK and RUIN, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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Before I was fully drawn into the story of this beautiful and unforgiving novel, I was captivated by the alluring writing. This is only my second Emma Slate book, so she’s still a relatively new writer to me, but writing her on WRECK & RUIN just killed me. So many passages touched me on such a deep level: passages about loss, love, moving on, and feeling trapped. I burst into tears, smiled, took a deep breath and kept reading because her writing kept captivating me.

After witnessing a drug deal between her boss and the president of the Iron Horsemen, Mia becomes her next target after her boss disappears and steals a ton of cocaine from her. She then goes to the rival MC gangs president, the Blue Angels, for protection. However, protecting her comes at a price, as Dev will stop at nothing to retrieve the drugs from her, unknowingly bringing danger and destruction to the family that welcomed her into her ranks.

Mia was a rock solid hero. She was vulnerable yet strong, compassionate yet unwaveringly loyal to her new family. Her character arc was intense and relentless, and she absolutely drove this story.

And then there was Colt, the grumpy, tough president of the Blue Angels and protector of women. When he finds Mia on her doorstep, her wounded, bloodied and vulnerable, her possessiveness and her need to help her surface and he takes her under her wing. As he and Mia continue to spend time together, he slowly allows himself to be vulnerable with her and allows himself to desire something deeper in her life.

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In addition to the tough biker exterior he wears to the MC’s rivals and his brother Blue Angels, Colt emerged as a sentimental and vulnerable character, and I loved seeing the different sides of him juxtaposed. He was the one who went after Mia and knew that he wanted her in her life before she decided to choose him over her and it was such a nice change. His humor and the resulting jokes from him were just adorable and he loved them together so much.

Besides the amazing relationship between Mia and Colt, there were so many other great relationships and characters in this story. The Blue Angels family dynamic was so strong and unwavering; They may not be blood relatives, but most of all they protected and cared for each other. There was also great comic relief from Boxer, Zip, Joni and other members of the Blue Angels amidst all the danger and sadness that permeated the story and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Overall, I loved this book. I can not recommend it highly enough. It was such a broad and comprehensive story and it was nice to see Flynn and Bennett again, although I haven’t finished their story yet. This was one of my favorite contemporaries of all time and I will definitely be continuing this series!

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