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Fellowship Point book pdf download for free or read online, also Fellowship Point pdf was written by Alice Elliott Dark.

Alice Elliott Dark is a novelist, short story writer, and essayist. She is the author of two short story collections, Naked to the Waist and In the Gloaming, and two novels, Think of England and Fellowship Point, published by Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books in July year 2022.

She was born Alice Elliott Kirby in Philadelphia and grew up in Bryn Mawr where she attended Shipley School. She then attended Kenyon College and the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Sinology. She started out as a poet and earned an MFA from Antioch, where she produced graduate work on a popular book titled This Is My Gun, Clyde.

Dark’s novel Fellowship Point (Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books) was published on July 5, year 2022 to critical acclaim. The novel takes place primarily on Fellowship Point, a pristine peninsula off the coast of Maine. It tells the story of how a lifelong friendship between two 80-year-old women, Agnes Lee and Polly Wister, is tested when Agnes proposes that the two and another shareholder liquidate their joint ownership of the Point and give it to a country donate. confidence to protect it from development.

Her first novel Think of England was published by Simon & Schuster in year 2002.

BookFellowship Point
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Fellowship Point Book PDF download for free

Fellowship Point Book PDF download for free

Acclaimed children’s book author Agnes Lee is determined to safeguard her legacy: completing what she knows will be the final volume of her pseudonymous Franklin Square novels; and even more elaborate to permanently protect the peninsula from Maine’s majestic coastline known as Fellowship Point. In order to donate the land to a trust, Agnes must convince the shareholders to dissolve a generation partnership. And from those shareholders is her best friend, Polly.

Polly Wister has lived a different life than Agnes: that of a rich woman, married with children, shaped by her devotion to her husband, and a philosophy professor with inflated self-esteem.

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She exalts herself by creating the beauty and the harmony in her home, her friends, and her family. Polly soon discovers that her loyalty is torn between the wishes of her best friend and the wishes of her three children, but what does Polly want for herself?

Agnes’s drafts get even messier when an enterprising young book editor named Maud Silver sets out to persuade Agnes to write her memoir. Agnes’ resistance cannot prevent long-buried memories and secrets from being uncovered, with far-reaching consequences for all.

Fellowship Point reads like a classic 19th-century novel in its beautifully woven, multi-layered narrative, yet is thoroughly contemporary in the themes it explores; a deep and empathetic interest in the lives of women, the class divisions that divided us, the struggle to protect the natural world, and most importantly, a reckoning with intimacy, history, and posterity. It’s an Alice Elliott Dark masterpiece.

Fellowship Point Book Pdf Download

Agnes Lee, a single author, and Polly Wister, a devoted wife and mother, have known each other since birth. Both were born into wealthy Quaker families in Philadelphia. In the 1870s, Agnes’s great-grandfather purchased 145 acres on the coast of Maine and named the area Fellowship Point. He eventually built five houses for his family, his brother’s family, and three friends. There was also a house for the servants. The houses were privately owned, but most of the land belonged to an association with very specific membership and dissolution rules. In 2000, a local developer established his properties on the land. Agnes, 80, wants nothing more than to protect him from commercial exploitation. Unfortunately, Polly’s eldest son, who will inherit the club’s voting rights from her, is very good friends with the developer. Polly is torn between her friendship with Agnes and her love for her child. Agnes’s cousin, who is the third voting member of the association, also falls out with the two women after accusing one of his friends of a crime.

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Agnes is known for a series of children’s books called When Nan, based on the various adventures of a ten-year-old girl. A young book editor, Maud Silver, tries to persuade Agnes to write her memoir to coincide with the upcoming When Nan series reboot. Unbeknownst to anyone, including Polly, Agnes has been keeping a secret that she wanted to take to her grave. Maud is a single mother to a daughter named Clemence and she also cares for her mentally ill mother. Over the next two years, Maud’s persistence convinces Agnes to write her memoir, setting the stage for the author’s secret to be revealed. And through the friendship of Maud and Agnes, another secret is revealed that surprises all women.

Had I known that Fellowship Point is 592 pages long, I probably wouldn’t have ordered a copy of Advanced Reader. I usually find long books to have too much fluff. In this case, I found Polly’s action mundane at times. I would have made her a supporting character and focused on Agnes. That said, Alice Elliott Dark is a talented writer. I am looking forward to reading more of your works.

How ironic that Alice Elliott Dark’s beautifully written, engaging, multi-layered novel Fellowship Point begins with Agnes Lee’s character in writer’s block! I was immediately drawn to this perfectly timed story of two lifelong friends, Agnes and Polly, as their past and present unfold in the manner of the well-known Bonded Families in Summer Homes With Generational Secrets genre.

Just because it has been done before it doesn’t make it any less fun! So Get comfortable on your porch swing and enjoy!
Agnes is a writer, she never married. She has published a series of highly popular children’s books about a brave nine-year-old girl and has published a series of novels under a pseudonym about five women from six decades of friendship.

Polly is Dick’s wife, mother of three sons and one daughter. She is more or less the opposite of Agnes; Reserved, always willing to help, she often bends her will towards the comfort (or illusions) of those she loves, particularly Dick (whose name is no coincidence).

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Enter Maud, a young single mother and a book editor who wants Agnes to write a memoir. Maud represents new wave feminists who celebrate both equality and difference. She also deals with her mother who has significant mental health issues.

(So ​​the archetypes are that Agnes lived a career-focused life of hers, Polly lives a family-focused life of hers, and Maud is trying to balance the two.)

Both Polly and Agnes grew up in summer houses on a peninsula in Maine, where now, in their golden years, they try to protect the natural beauty and sanctuary of a place called Fellowship Point. In the year 2000, an old enemy attempts to develop Point, marring its natural beauty and causing significant disturbance to the wildlife there. The dilemma: The five families who have a house there must agree to leave the land to a trust.

I especially enjoyed Agnes’s musings on writing as she ponders her writer’s block. As a lifelong reader, she has always fascinated me (and continually impressed me) with what writers do. They use words, simple marks on a page, to communicate ideas, emotions, life itself, descriptions, with strangers who look at these “marks on paper” and enter entirely new universes/places/lives/points of view. Sometimes it feels truly like magic!

I have very little in common with Agnes and Polly’s lives, but Alice Elliott Dark opened them and let me look inside. It would be easy to write off most of the characters in Fellowship Point as privileged and elitist, snobs, but that would only scratch the surface, and Dark deftly goes further to reveal lives lived with joys and sorrows, mysteries and accomplishments, acts of cruelty and grace, all uniquely human.

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