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Finding Grace book pdf download for free or read online, also Finding Grace pdf was written by K.L. Slater.

Kim is the #1 bestselling author of nineteen psychological crime thrillers. He has sold more than two million copies of his books worldwide. She has also written the four Carnegie-nominated young adult novels as the Kim Slater for Macmillan Children’s Books. Kim has a master’s degree in creative writing and lives with her husband in a small town in Nottinghamshire.

BookFinding Grace
AuthorK.L. Slater
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Finding Grace Book PDF download for free

Finding Grace Book PDF download for free

The day after her ninth birthday, Lucie and Blake Sullivan agree for the first time to let their daughter Grace walk the four-minute walk home alone from a friend’s house down the street.

They joke with their friends about hiding behind the bushes to make sure he’s safe. But the joke turns sour when Grace doesn’t show up.

Despite the best efforts of the police and the local community, Grace appears to have vanished into thin air. With hope quickly fading, Lucie knows she can trust her husband to stand by her in such dark times. Until the day she makes a shocking discovery hidden in Blake’s desk and suddenly begins to doubt everything she knew about the man she married.

But the Lucie harbors a terrible secret of her own. One he’s never shared with anyone, not even Blake…

And as the search for Grace reaches its climax, Lucie receives startling news. Should she ever see Grace again, Lucie has no choice but to confront the past she has worked hard to bury. And she has to do it all alone.

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The most gripping psychological thriller you’ll see this year from best-selling author K.L. Roofer. If you love The Wife Between Us or Gone Girl, you’ll absolutely love Finding Grace.

Finding Grace Book Pdf Download

In Finding Grace Blake and Lucie Sullivan agree to let their daughter Grace go home from her friend’s house after she visits Altoona Park for her birthday present. Grace has just turned nine and wants to feel like a big girl going home alone. Grace’s friend lives around the corner and both parents agree to watch Grace walk home, but she would only be out of sight for a few seconds as she rounded the corner. Grace takes a few seconds to disappear.

Blake and Lucie face their parents’ worst nightmare when their daughter just disappears. But Grace’s disappearance sets off events that unearth secrets Blake and Lucie are keeping from one another. Could Blake or Lucie really be the reason Grace is missing?

Wow! Now I understand why K.L. Slater has a huge fan base and following. Finding Grace is the first book I have read by this author and I can honestly say it definitely won’t be the last. I found myself completely engrossed in the story and wondered what happened to Grace. She lives? kidnapped? Held for ransom? All of these thoughts ran through my head for most of the book, and then Slater slowly inserts these little glimpses into the past that just made me squirm to read more.

Slater weaves past and present with such finesse that it was hard to put this book down. Slater just mocks you phrase after phrase and I have to say I was totally and utterly shocked. The twists were so brilliantly done and so uniquely placed at just the right moments that they compel you to keep reading only to find out what happens next. Now I’m sad the story is over, but unfortunately Slater has a large backlog of books that I’ll soon be putting into my greedy hands.

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Blake and Lucie are flawed characters so well written they seem all too real. They’re not portrayed as a perfect couple, and I felt that Slater really gives you a lot of insight into both characters, allowing them to relate to where you can feel their pain and suffering. Lucie, I felt, is really growing as this book progresses, learning what she is capable of as a mother and as a woman.

In addition to Blake and Lucie, Slater has written to a mother-in-law, Nadine, who may be fighting Joan Crawford for her money. She is hideous! There’s also a bunch of other people involved in the story who seemed to have some motive as they were involved in some pretty dodgy and sometimes creepy stuff. Slater will definitely keep you on your toes with his characters, that’s for sure.

Finding Grace combines an excellent psychological thriller with a story that could be ripped from the headlines, cleverly placed plot twists, and a host of mysteries that make this dazzling thriller an absolute gem of the genre. Well played and deserves a proud 5 stars!

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