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Bel Canto book pdf download for free or read online, also Bel Canto pdf was written by Ann Patchett.

Ann Patchett is the author of the six novels including the Bel Canto, which won the Orange Prize for Fiction. He writes for The New York Times Magazine, Elle, GQ, Financial Times, Paris Review and Vogue. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

BookBel Canto
AuthorAnn Patchett
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Bel Canto Book PDF download for free

Bel Canto Book PDF download for free

Somewhere in South America, at the home of the country’s Vice President, a lavish birthday celebration is taking place in honor of powerful businessman Mr. Hosokawa. Roxanne Coss, opera’s most revered soprano, has delighted international guests with her singing. It’s a perfect night until a gang of armed terrorists take the entire party hostage.

But what begins as a life-threatening panic scenario slowly turns into something else entirely, a moment of great beauty where terrorists and hostages form unexpected bonds and people from different continents become compatriots, very close friends and lovers.

Patchett’s lyrical prose and clear imagination make Bel Canto a compelling tale of strength and fragility, love and prison, and an inspiring tale of transcendent romance.

Bel Canto Book Pdf Download

A birthday party is held in an unnamed South American country for Japanese businessman Mr. Hosokawa in hopes that he will do business with this poor country. The only way to draw him to this country was to see Roxane Coss, a famous opera singer who was adored by Hosokawa.

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The international party will take place at the home of the country’s Vice President, Rubén Iglesias. But after Roxane finishes singing, the party is interrupted by a terrorist group who plan to hold the President hostage so they can free other members of their group from prison. The only problem… the President decided that not to attend party so he could watch his favorite soap opera. The terrorists don’t have the clout they need right now, but they can’t easily free the hostages, so the women are released, except for the famous opera star, and the remaining hostages and terrorists spend months waiting for their demands to be met .

But despite the circumstances and the language barriers of the guests from all over the world, relationships develop between the kidnappers and their captives. The only thing that seems to unite them is their love for Roxane and the beautiful music she delivers, until their time together inevitably ends.

I’ve had the book on the shelf for years. I don’t know why it took me so long to read it. I loved the Run and The Magician’s Assistant, titles also by the Patchett. A discussion on Twitter revealed that many others loved Patchett but had not read this book. It also received mixed reviews, those who loved it and those who couldn’t finish it.

I’m definitely in the group I loved. Patchett is an amazing writer, very lyrical and beautiful. Opera and terrorism seem like strangers in the book’s actual plot, but Patchett made it work. This is not a speed read, but a novel to enjoy.

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This is not about politics, but about relationships that develop under unusual circumstances. Everyone gets used to their situation. Roxane discovers that one of the young kidnappers has an amazing voice and wants to help him become an opera star. Gen, Mr. Hosokawa’s interpreter, becomes the group’s interpreter and discovers many secrets and falls in love with a young girl from the terrorist group. Rubén wants to adopt another of the young kidnappers, a boy who has become his son.

You stop thinking about what’s going on in the outside world like I did. But a hostage situation can’t last forever. The ending comes suddenly and the ending itself surprised me and I’m not sure if it was believable or inevitable.
Regardless, this was a beautiful story and if it’s on your shelf, grab it and read it already!

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