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Finding You book pdf download for free or read online, also Finding You pdf was written by Lena Hendrix.

Lena Hendrix is a contemporary romance novelist based in the Midwest. Her love of romance began with the Harlequin paperbacks, and she is now writing her own small-town romances. Lena has a penchant for strong alphas with marshmallow inner workings, back-clapping heroines, and sizzling emotion. Her novels are set in the heart of a small town with a lot of heat.

BookFinding You
AuthorLena Hendrix
Size1.6 MB

Finding You Book PDF download for free

Finding You Book PDF download for free

FINDING YOU is a steamy, interconnected, self-contained small-town romance. It is NOT a love triangle. Finding You is the first book in the Chikalu Falls series, set in the fictional town of Chikalu Falls, Montana.

Finding You Book Pdf Download

An unexpectedly fun read… What happens when a Marine falls in love with the mysterious Joanna, who has written letters to him from home during the many years she has served in Afghanistan? All he knows is that she captured his heart, captured his imagination, and kept him sane. But who is she? A determined, recovering, and discharged Lincoln wants to know.

Jo James is a fishing guide in a small town in the Montana. The town that she and her sister visited her grandparents every summer. Jo attended community college there, much to the disappointment of her parents and the delight of her best friend Finn, who owns a fishing guide business with her older brother and Navy veteran Lincoln. Jo loves the outdoors, she loves fishing, and would love to be taken seriously in a male-run arena, though both Lincoln and Finn respect her abilities.

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Lincoln thinks “Jo” is his Joanna, but thinks she and Finn are a couple. Joanna isn’t sure if Lincoln realizes that she wrote to him and had a crush on him all these years because he never wrote back.

Mrs. Hendrix has written likable characters. She cares for Lincoln, who is suffering from PTSD, and tries to be a respectful and honorable older brother to Finn and Joanna while dealing with her growing feelings for her. Joanna is simply trying to make sense of Lincoln’s mixed messages and wants to succeed as a leader. Finn is just adorable as a little brother, best friend, chubby and sees the light in everything. Then there’s Honey, Joanna’s sister, and Birdie, the boy’s mother! As well as the cranky Mr. Bailey who is spot on.

Will there be an HEA? Will there be many bumps in the road? And fish to be caught upstream? An entertaining read with a lot of passion.

This book was amazing!!! What a beautiful and spicy love story with a fantastic plot. Strong female characters, military background (it was so well written! My heart, oh my god, every time Lincoln’s naval memoirs were discussed, I was right there with him. I felt the intense emotion, the tragedy, the brutality, and essentially , the hardened mentality of someone serving/serving.), and FINALLY a gay character who wasn’t created in the same way that many authors (films and books) limit characters.


He was so surprised and happy when the bomb was dropped that Lincoln’s brother was gay. As a reader, I appreciated it very much; I have never come across a small town love story (connected or independent) that has a gay character and I have been waiting for it! It was a great match and I loved the friendship between him and Jo. And just the general behavior of him, I wanted to be best friends with him lol!

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Jo and Lincoln cheered for you both the whole time. Jo was a tall, wild, modest, fit woman. And I really identified with her character. She wrestled with her insecurities about not feeling feminine enough…but she never changed or let it suffocate her. She remained herself, but she longed to be accepted one day. She was such an asshole!

Then Lincoln, the hell of it was really heartbreaking to read. As the story issues arose, he made sense of why he was making the decisions that he was making. It was the icing on the cake that she finally took the time to seek help in learning how to have a healthier relationship with Jo. This man was so lovable; how many times he showed his love for Jo made me cry. The gestures, the words, her loyalty to her…she swooned. I loved this book! And the extra epilogue, yes, yes, yes! Nothing but a big smile on my face and heart eyes after I was done.

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