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Fire book pdf download for free or read online, also Fire pdf was written by Abby Brooks.

AuthorAbby Brooks
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Fire Book PDF download for free

Fire Book PDF download for free

I know it’s only volume 2 but wow this book is amazing! Micah is a real gem. I mean, he cares about his fellow firefighters, he loves his family, and he still loves his high school sweetheart. A lack of communication due to the 7 years of emotional abuse poor Ivy and Nell endured. She is broken and does not trust easily. She doesn’t think she’s beautiful and worthy of fulfilling her dreams. Her father and ex-boyfriend broke her down with hurtful and hurtful words. They controlled his life.

Fire Pdf Download

He left this and needs help. This is where Micah shines… giving her words of encouragement and showing her just how great he really is. He helps her get through the years of abuse and gives her the courage to finally stand up for herself. That moment was so amazing!! This book is more than a sexy firefighter and his second chance at raising a family.

This is how we perceive ourselves and how can we overcome the bad things that have happened to us. Ivy is really a special girl with an incredibly smart and also funny little girl. She shows her daughter how to deal with life, but somehow her daughter shows her too. It is undoubtedly the best book! I love Micah and Ivy!!!

This was a phenomenal second chance, a secret baby, an enforced intimacy romance. Micah Hutton was everything you could ask for in a book lover, and the Hutton family is still one of my favorites. I liked the connection between Micah’s parents’ book and the pact between him and Ivy.

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Ivy Cole and Micah Hutton were high school sweethearts torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. When Ivy returns to the Keys seven years later, she’s determined to get her life back on track. Micah is confused by the hate Ivy has for him. He always hoped that she would come back to him and he never stopped loving her like he promised. When Micah finds out he has a six-year-old daughter he doesn’t know about, he’s understandably shocked and angry that she’s been kept from him, but he puts that aside and offers Ivy and Nell a place to live.

As Micah and Ivy uncover misunderstandings from their past and try to move on, they reignite their relationship. But Ivy spent seven years being emotionally beaten, and she never wants to be dependent on anyone ever again. She knows she loves Micah and seeing that he loves his daughter only strengthens that bond, but she struggles to let him help her. Micah is very patient with Ivy and immediately loves his daughter. He works hard to gain her trust and show her what kind of man he has become.

I loved this little family. Nell is the cutest girl and I loved that she was just like Micah, fearless and outspoken. The confrontation with Ivy and Julian’s father was incredible. I loved that Micah stood up for Ivy, but at the same time I allowed Ivy to stand up for herself.

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