Download Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend [PDF] By Lauren Landish

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Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend book pdf download for free or read online, also Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend pdf was written by Lauren Landish.

BookNever Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend
AuthorLauren Landish
Size1.5 MB

Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend Book PDF download for free

Never Marry Your Brother's Best Friend Book PDF download for free

Carter and his friend Zack own a private real estate company. You have a chance to land a highly respected new client if Carter lives up to the standards of the recently widowed Elena Cartwright. Carter really needs to be able to converse with her on her own level. Mrs. Cartwright is also well versed in the art world and also the only person who could possibly help him is the Luna, Zack’s little sister.

Being an artist herself and also currently working in an art museum, Luna’s knowledge of art is really impeccable. Trouble is, Carter Luna doesn’t mean much. In all the years she has known him, she has never taken an interest in anything from Carter. He’s really handsome and rich and beautiful… and hard to ignore no matter how hard he tries. When it becomes clear that Carter isn’t digesting the information Luna has taught him, he takes matters into his own hands and takes a more drastic approach.

Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend Pdf Download

Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend book was full of humor and did a great job introducing many new characters in a way that provided a lot of information without distracting from Luna and Carter. I loved the plot and all the supporting characters. I loved Luna from the start and I grew to like Carter pretty quickly. Lauren Landish has a way of creating characters that everyone can relate to, and Luna and Carter were no different.

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I always love books with shy heroines who find their strength as the book progresses. And that’s exactly what Luna does. Luna is pressured into “marrying” Carter. His brother’s best friend and his opposite in every way. But what starts as a business quickly turns into a very real relationship. It’s complicated and fragile, but as their relationship grows stronger, neither Carter nor Luna know how to communicate change very well.

I loved that Carter had to win over Luna. This cocky, rich and somewhat arrogant man had to convince the woman he fell in love with that he really was in love with her. And he did. He saw Luna in a way that not many people saw. She was shy, but she also had a wildness that came when she felt comfortable enough to be herself. I loved that Carter never tried to change her and was so attuned to her even when they were still faking their marriage. And Luna was supportive and protective of Carter as well.

This book had so many funny moments, but there were also moments of seriousness and romance that made the story flow well. As this was the first book in the series it was an introduction to this new family and I can’t wait to see where the series takes the Harringtons in the future.

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