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Lor book pdf download for free or read online, also Lor pdf was written by Lily Mayne.

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Lor Book PDF download for free

Lor Book PDF download for free

Lor and Jugs’ relationship started off less than ideal, but you can feel through Lily’s writing that they are perfect for each other and need each other. Jugs’s parents are the “cliché” cold and distant but demanding upper-class family from whom all he wants is love, affection and approval.

While Lor inherited that from his parents, they died when he was young and he had to quickly rise through the ranks to Moric and has been pretty isolated ever since, with the exception of his brother Lyri, his guard Six (love him!), and El Lyri’s guard, Gryf (I even love him!).

Lor Pdf Download

Lor offers Jug’s utter devotion and affection that Jugs (ridiculously) lacked in his life from the people who should have given him unconditional love from the moment he was born. And Jugs brings Lor camaraderie, romance, and something to look forward to along with the mundane pursuits of his Moric title that have filled his life thus far.

Jugs’ arrival and the growth of their relationship coincides with Lyri awakening Lor over the struggle that Salyik’s people in her fief are enduring under her advice and unintentionally by him. She starts making drastic changes to change this, and Jugs falls ill. It’s a representative of Salyik who discovers it’s poison (in a tertiary way), and Jugs progresses rapidly from here, eventually arriving in the monster world with the intention of staying with Lor until the end.

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I’ve been predicting the next part of the plot and waiting for Lor to catch up with me, which explains my frustration. This is mostly my fault, as I prefer near-instant gratification. This amplified the emotions he was already feeling. I’m not sure my family would appreciate that!

The wait over the years, although absolutely necessary, has killed me (see previous paragraph). I felt like they were soul mates or something equivalent, as they both described an attraction to one another and then Lor’s pain, his rejection, and his willingness to possibly wait for Jugs forever solidified that for me. And I felt his sadness and despair, I felt his depression and apathy, I felt his anger and frustration, and I felt his hope and love and relief as Jugs finally healed and woke up.

Jugs is such a strong person that the whole world of him has moved twice in such a short time (for him and even by monster/beast standards) and he is able to handle this pretty quickly and build the new life out of him. with Lord. Is incredible. .

Once again, I am in awe of the detail that Lily puts into her characters, species, and world. You are so unique and amazing, I love waiting to see what’s next! As I read, I imagine everything like a movie, which makes Lily’s worlds very special to me!

I was looking forward to the Cat and Lyri book beforehand, but I’m so glad I got to know Lyri and her personality through Lor and Jugs before her book! It will make reading Lyri more fascinating for me, but I’m sure he will be more heartbreaking now that I know why she cried and also some of what happened to her. I was also so excited to read that Lyri was not assigned a male gender at birth that I had to read this part about 3 times! There aren’t many books on the subject that I’ve seen and the fact that monsters/beasts were so far ahead of humans makes me happy.

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Wyn and Danny’s cameo was so funny and like a little easter egg to me! I laughed out loud several times! Combine that with Lily’s author’s note and we have the perfect combination to make Wyn look like a jerk. What we all like to see!

Overall this was an amazing story set in the world of monsters (do we have a name yet?) from 1989 to around 2019 (I googled when Ronald Reagan finished and counted the chapters so I hope I got it right lol) between two loved ones who are a perfect match and the worlds that try to tear them apart. I’m so glad this wasn’t a novel because it would have been a tragedy. As always, I’m looking forward to the next one!!! Thank you Lily for giving us your awesomeness!

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