Download First Ritual [PDF] By Kelly St Clare

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First Ritual book pdf download for free or read online, also First Ritual pdf was written by Kelly St Clare.

BookFirst Ritual
AuthorKelly St Clare
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First Ritual Book PDF download for free

First Ritual Book PDF download for free

Kelly St. Clare has scored another victory with First Ritual. This is book 1 of the Coven Caves series. This book continues in the same world as her previous Supernatural Battle series (the Vampire Towers and Werewolf Dens books), but can easily be read as a stand-alone book.

Tempest Bronte Corentine is the main female character: a powerful wizard (witch) seeking answers from the coven from which her mother and grandmother fled. She’s on a mission to uncover the truth about her past, including what drove her mother out of the circle.

First Ritual Pdf Download

The book opens with Tempest attempting to join the Buried Knolls coven, hoping they won’t eliminate her immediately. Fortunately, she proves her worth and explores a lot along the way. She meets the sexiest male wizard of all time in Wild and her best friends, collectively known as Quad, and also meets her estranged cousin, Rooke. Although Tempest finds answers to many of her questions, she is amazed at what she is learning and has even more questions for the future.

Tempest also learns that the Coven plays a weekly game called Caves, which divides the Coven into two teams for their weekly competition. This follows the lines of the previous Supernatural Battle series where Vissimo played Ingenium and Luthers Grids. It’s a unique twist on what could easily be a familiar trope that really adds to the world.

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The plot moves fast and flows well. Tempest/Bronte is fun and close. She’s young but not nosy, and both her internal dialogue and her banter are hilarious and insightful for her age. I was hooked from the first page and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book! If you have one from the Supernatural Battle series ready, enjoy family game nights, or love magic and wizards, you’ll love First Ritual!

I love Kelly St. Clare’s supernatural battle series and this new series is fantastic. The main character is Tempest Bronte Corentine and she is a magician (also known as a witch) who has a really painful past. The story opens with her trying to rejoin the coven from which her mother and grandmother fled, and she fears that she will be killed on the spot. Fortunately, the Circle doesn’t kill them right away, and thus begins a story laced with mystery, and of course, a Circle game where teams battle each other every Thursday. Also, Tempest is not what she seems and there is a big twist at the end of the book. Get ready for a CLIFFHANGER!

Great things about this book:
The characters: Wild is the main male character and Tempest’s romantic interest. I really like her interactions and jokes. And there are some really hot scenes. Although there was a scene where she was like, ‘why are they kissing? You were throwing up a minute ago!” But I really enjoy Wild’s friends (collectively known as Quad) and the fun discussions they have. I also like the friends Tempest makes, including the search for her long-lost cousin, Rooke.

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The Romance: Unlike the previous series, the “lovers’ enemy” theme is less pronounced in this book. There is more acceptance of attraction and willingness to have a relationship. Although both parties still have bonding issues. Trust me, this book is definitely sexy.

The World-building: The Game of the Circle is an internal civil war with no real hatred or murder on either side. The stakes are lower than before in the previous series, but that makes it easier for Tempest to figure out that the real enemy isn’t inside the circle…

I look forward to the continuation of this series. I really hope we see the enemy side of things and learn more about Tempest’s father. Stay tuned!

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