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Flawless book pdf download for free or read online, also Flawless pdf was written by Elsie Silver.

Elsie Silver is a Canadian author of sassy, sexy small-town romance who loves a good literary friend and strong heroines who bring her to her knees. She lives near Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, son and three dogs and reads romance novels voraciously before she probably should have.

She loves to cook and try new foods, travel and spend time with her children, especially outdoors. Elsie has also become a big fan of her quiet 5am mornings, which she mainly writes on. During this time, you can sip a hot cup of coffee and dream up a fictional world full of romantic stories to share with your readers.

AuthorElsie Silver
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Flawless Book PDF download for free

Flawless Book PDF download for free

The rules were simple. Keep my hands off your daughter and stay out of trouble.

But now I’m attached to her. There is only one bed. And hey, rules are made to be broken.

I am the face of professional bull riding: the golden boy. Or at least I was, until it all hit me. Now my agent says I need to polish my image, so I’m keeping his ballbusting daughter as my “full-time supervisor” for the rest of the season.

But I don’t need a damn babysitter, especially one with skinny jeans, a sexy smile and a mouth that can’t stop moving.

A mouth I can’t stop thinking about.

Because summer is not just another conquest. She sees the man behind the mask and doesn’t run away, she pulls me closer even when she shouldn’t.

She says it doesn’t mean anything.

I say that means everything.

She says there are lines we must not cross. That my reputation can’t take a hit, and neither can his broken heart.

I say I’ll steal it anyway.

Flawless Book Pdf Download

Flawless is an extraordinary opposite attraction, forced closeness, strong heroine with a rough, sulky cowboy romance that will leave you unable to put the book down. Mrs. Silver always tells us a story that will make you want to move to a small town and find a handsome, sexy cowboy to take care of your every need. It introduces us to feisty and sassy Summer, who is now babysitting hot and grumpy Rhett. Talk about complete opposites. Add in a few heated moments and dirty talk and you have a book you won’t want to finish.

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Summer’s father’s company represents Rhett, a professional bull rider who appears to have angered his sponsors with a comment about hating milk. I mean what cowboy hates milk? Now Summer has the beautiful task of taking care of Rhett for two months until the championship in Las Vegas. Having to make sure Rhett keeps his image clean and looks like a good guy instead of the party animal and gamer he is isn’t going to be an easy task, but Summer is determined to keep it professional, isn’t she? Will the sexy cowboy be easy to live and travel to or will he test all your limits?

Seeing that the rough bull rider has a softer side, he seizes the moment and lets it open up. Things heat up when she decides to change the definition of caring for her client. Will Rhett realize that she’s just trying to help him and not punish him for a mistake? If he sees her as more than the “babysitter” he thinks she is, will he open up to her? Will he let her take took care of him and will he let her into his heart? What happens when Summer’s past meets her present and weakens her style? Will he get over what happened?

Ms. Silver never disappoints with her attention to detail, story, character development and writing style. It’s easy to get addicted to and lost in your books. Flawless is definitely one that you will want to read, find yourself a comfortable place to read and some time because once you start reading Summer and Rhett’s story you won’t. i want to leave it

Elsie Silver’s “Flawless” is a soulful romance that offers that balance of sweetness and spice. A spin-off from the Gold Ranch series, Flawless is an enemy of lovers and small-town romance with underlying themes of conviction and family loyalty.

Rhett is a bull rider working toward his third championship, but not without negative publicity, something his agent is beginning to deal with. Said agent sends his daughter Summer on tour with Rhett to keep him out of trouble. As a lawyer and clerk at her father’s agency, Summer struggles with her attraction to the man whose posters hung on her wall as a teenager, god forbid she crosses the line of professionalism.

And that’s Summer in a nutshell: pursuing a career that seems like the right thing to do because her father will like it; She cares about what people think of her, and everything she does is because it’s the “right thing.” However, Rhett is just the opposite: He does what feels right and is accountable to no one. While she doesn’t get the kind of support she needs from her family, Summer gets it, along with some tenderness, intimacy, and encouragement.

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This is a beautiful story. You can call it the perfect story to start a new series. The chemistry between the two is AMAZING. Whether they’re having bed problems or nursing sore muscles, Rhett and Summer are two characters vying to be the sexiest couple of the year.

As a side note, Violet’s siblings (mentioned in “A Photo Finish”) are super charming and we’re all introduced to them here; It’s clear that Rhett is the first brother in the Chestnut series and I’m here for anything. There are a few scenes between the brothers here that will make your nose itch; The love these brothers have may not be obvious at first, but it is there.

Elsie Silver just blew it out of the park. A restless, brooding alpha hero. Wild heroine. Tons of sexual tension and all the feelings. Just perfect. And Flawless… pun totally intended. Who doesn’t love a gruff, grumpy man who is completely overwhelmed by an energetic, bubbly, smart, sweet woman to the point where he can’t think straight or see himself without her for the rest of his life ? Life? I know you do, and that’s exactly what we have in Flawless between Summer Hamilton and Rhett Eaton.

This story follows professional bull rider Rhett who loses his sponsors after some unwelcome comments became public. Walked in is Summer, his agent’s daughter, who is “taking care of” Rhett and taking his turn in the final months of his tour.

The chemistry between these two is so delightful and I loved watching their souls connect, trust blossom and banter with each other. The sexual tension was so intoxicating and consuming that I felt the full attraction between them. Rhett is one of my favorite Elsie Silver heroes, such a brooding, blinding delight. He’s got a lot of luggage and he’s lost and a little bitter. But he’s also very protective and also caring, and Summer inspires a new openness in him.

She’s pure sunshine, but she’s a fighter. She fights for herself and also for the people she loves. like Rhett. The sexual tension in this story is very high and I really wanted to until the first kiss happened. Together they are forbidden. But inevitable. Their emotional connection was very complex and also soul deep and very intense. It was heartbreaking and also breathtaking at the same time. But all in all perfect in every way.

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Elsie Silver managed to get me butterflies, tears of joy in my eyes and a sweet forgetting of my romantic heart in Flawless. It totally outdid itself and exceeded all of my expectations and I’m so excited to see where the rest of the Chestnut Springs series goes. I need more of these Eaton guys! Don’t go RUNNING.

Flawless is the first book in Elsie’s new Chestnut Springs series, and she started with a book that was just perfect. I’m in love with Elsie’s writing, the way she writes those beautiful small town romances with a grumpy, dirty-talking hero faint. She brings extreme heat to her books, but with a story this interesting, you won’t be able to put the book down.

Summer and Rhett. Rhett is a bull rider who got in trouble with his sponsors thanks to some milk! The daughter of Rhett’s agent, Summer is tasked with “babysitting” Rhett and helping him stay out of trouble. I really liked how Elsie constructed this story with a reason why Summer chose her profession and Summer’s relationship with her father and the story with her sister and stepmother. Too many stories have characters with terrible relationships with their parents, it was a breath of fresh air to have such a sweet and touching father-daughter relationship.

Summer and Rhett had a lot of chemistry early on, which only grew stronger over time. Even when Rhett acted like Summer’s presence bothered him, they still had that spark! And the banter between them was so entertaining and hilarious! Not just the banter between Summer and Rhett, but also between them and their father. hilarious! Summer and Rhett radiated completely opposite attractions, but they were both just what the other needed.

I honestly don’t even have the words to say how great this book was, but if you like a small town, grumpy sun, lots of heat and chemistry, a book that will make you laugh and cry, then this is the book Perfect ! to you!.

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