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The Boss Project book pdf download for free or read online, also The Boss Project pdf was written by Vi Keeland.

Vi Keeland is an American author associated with the Montlake Romance. Her books have become bestsellers on the New York Times and USA Today lists, have been translated around the world, and have appeared on the bestseller lists in Germany, Brazil and the United States. Fourteen of her novels have appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list, and Bossman has been #1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Her short stories Dry Spell, The Merry Mistake and Scrooged were filmed by Passionflix. and his feature-length novel Egomaniac is currently being selected for film by TaleFlick.

In January 2013, Keeland published her debut novel, First Thing I See. Although she never intended to release it, she was inspired to take a chance after being forced from her home due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. Since then she has published thirty-one complete novels and her works have been translated into twenty-seven languages ​​and are available as animated games. She is represented by the Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary & Management.

In year 2016, Keeland published Bossman, a book about a boss who falls in love with one of his employees. The book went to #1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists and stayed on the USA Today bestseller list for 6 weeks. In year 2021, Keeland published The Invitation, a book about a woman who storms a wedding and gets caught by a handsome groomsman. The book debuted at #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list and stayed on the USA Today bestseller list for 6 weeks.

Keeland has collaborated with Penelope Ward on several contemporary romance novels. The first, Cocky Bastard, was about an off-road driver who had an affair with a guy who was fixing his flat tire. The book has been a USA Today and New York Times bestseller. The book’s title started a trend among romance novelists to include the word “cocky” in their titles.

Three of his short stories have been adapted into films by Passionflix and his completed novel Egomaniac is currently being filmed by TaleFlick.

Keeland is married to a man she has known since elementary school. They have three children and live on the Long Island. Prior to writing, Vi Keeland was a lawyer specializing in tax law.

BookThe Boss Project
AuthorVi Keeland
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The Boss Project Book PDF download for free

The Boss Project Book PDF download for free

A sexy new one-off from New York Times #1 bestselling Vi Keeland.

I first met Merrick Crawford during my job interview.

Well, technically I met him twenty minutes earlier when he burst into a dressing room a few doors down from my date.

I shouted. The Scream. After an argument while standing in my bra, I continued to bang the door on the gorgeous jerk and tried to yank it shut.

As you can imagine, I freaked out when I found out the rude guy was my potential new boss.

However, he didn’t seem to recognize me. At least that’s what I thought… Until we got into an argument again during my interview and he told me to smell my armpit.

Okay, maybe I hadn’t changed when he found me. In my defense, I was stuck on a hot train for two hours and wanted to make sure I didn’t smell bad.

Obviously I wasn’t expecting to get the job. But somehow an invitation for a second interview landed in my inbox.

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Before I left I asked to see Merrick. I had to know why it was even considered after our disastrous start.

It turned out that Merrick only wanted to hire me because I was the least competent candidate. It appeared his board was forcing him into the position against his will.

I really didn’t want to work in a place where my boss expected me to fail. But I thought maybe I’d enjoy proving him wrong. It was a little thing I called the Boss Project.

What he wasn’t prepared for was that there would be other things he would like to do to Merrick Crawford.

Getting involved with the boss wasn’t the wisest choice.

But you know what they say about decisions: some we regret, some we are proud of. I just had no idea where this one would end up.

The Boss Project Book Pdf Download

THE BOSS PROJECT by Vi Keeland is a contemporary adult independent erotic love story centered on 32-year-old investment trader and business owner Merrick Crawford and therapist Dr. Everly “Evie” Vaughn is shooting.

THE BOSS PROJECT is told from two first-person perspectives (Merrick and Evie) and follows therapist Dr. Evie Vaughn, who is hired as an intern at Crawford Investments. Evie’s last job ended when she found out her boss, aka her fiancé, was sleeping with her best friend, aka the maid of honor, just hours before her wedding. After posting the wedding video and the affair, Evie finds herself looking for a new job and has made a name for herself on social media, but one day of disaster, Evie confronts her potential boss, a man who believes that Evie all is. bad for work.

A second interview secures Dr. Everly Vaughn takes a job at Crawford Investments, a job that will bring Evie closer to the man she is about to fall in love with, but all is not well in Merrick Crawford’s life and she is struggling to let him go. a past that is both heartbreaking and painful for our heroine of the story. What follows is the evolving but forbidden romance and relationship between Evie and Merrick, and the possible consequences if Merrick continues to wrestle with demons from the past and pushes our heroine out of his life.

Merrick Crawford is a powerful man in the investor trading world, but his reputation precedes his successful business acumen, and often his employees and traders suffer at the expense of their bosses’ demands – joins Dr. Everly Vaughn, the new in-house therapist who’s hoping to help employees through tough times. Merrick continues to struggle with guilt, grief, and heartbreak from loss and betrayal, but he doesn’t believe in therapy and he doesn’t believe in our story heroine.

Evie and Merrick’s relationship begins as a professional relationship in which our hero of the story hires Evie. From the start, Evie struggles with Merrick’s intolerant attitude toward our story’s heroine, an attitude that will slowly reveal demons from the past. Evie knows that a relationship with Merrick could be the end of her job and possibly her career, but her heart wants something she knows she can’t have. Still struggling with the betrayal of her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend, Evie must come to terms with what happened and why. $ex’s scenes are intimate, provocative and passionate, without over-the-top and sexually explicit language and lyrics.

We’re introduced to Merrick’s best friend and investor, Will; Human Resources Director Joan Davis; as well as Merrick’s grandmother Kitty; and Evie’s sister Greer.

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THE BOSS PROJECT is a tale of betrayal, heartbreak; acceptance and love. The premise is engaging and entertaining; the characters are energetic, strong, determined and charismatic, although vaguely known to various characters of the television series Billions™; the romance is seductive, intense and dramatic.

Their workplace romance gets a few laughs and the two have great chemistry. Grandma Kitty is a hoot.

The story begins in mid to late summer in New York.

Six months later, 29-year-old Dr. Everly Vaughn on her wedding day still. She and Christian had been together for three and a half years before that infamous day. They met at Emory University in Atlanta, where Evie received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. They had moved to New York together while both working at her family’s pharmaceutical company: Christian to get some experience before taking over the Atlanta office and Evie to do an internship.

Evie was very happy with the move which brought her closer to her older sister Greer and brother-in-law Ben. Having family close by softened the blow of that day, but losing her job, her home, her best friend, and her boyfriend on her wedding day was a loss she found difficult to recover from. He was especially hard to get over when his humiliation instantly became a viral internet sensation.

Evie hadn’t seen the disaster coming. As a clinical psychologist, maybe she should have, but her relationship gave her no cause for concern. Christian was stable and reliable until he wasn’t anymore. The lack of emotional ups and downs gave Evie the sense of security she needed in a relationship. Her mother was a victim of domestic violence and Evie grew up in fear.

His mother eventually left his father forever, but it wasn’t without the kindness and help of others. Evie was inspired by this help and decided to repay it in her own way as an adult. She supports the victims’ cause where she can. Her career as a therapist is one of those ways she can help others by helping them solve their problems.

After a six-month sabbatical from work and out of sight of the paparazzi, Evie must get her life back on track, which begins with finding a job. Kitty, her late grandmother’s longtime best friend and neighbor, has become a close friend and promises to help Evie get an interview at her grandson’s company. Evie isn’t quite qualified for the position, but she will follow any lead she can get.

Merrick Crawford, 32, is a workaholic with commitment issues. He is confident and charming, and also dismissive and unapproachable. It’s hard to read and unpredictable. It’s certainly inappropriate at times, but he can talk his way out of anything. He has no shortage of beautiful women vying for his attention, but relationships are tough for someone who works as long hours as he does. He founded Crawford Investments just three years after leaving Princeton.

His investment firm has been the top-performing firm for three straight years, which means he only hires the best. But the board is complaining about recent complaints from a handful of disgruntled employees, none of whom were up to the task. All your employees have the option to leave if they cannot work as expected; Lawsuits are just drama.

It does mean, however, that you now need to hire a therapist to address stress levels in the business. The idea doesn’t sit well with Merrick for a variety of reasons. And forcing your employees to attend an hour-long therapy session every month seems like a waste of your valuable time. You are tempted to sabotage the effort by selecting the least qualified candidate for the job.

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When Merrick and Evie first cross paths, little do they know they will be interviewing each other. Their awkward first meeting leads to a most unusual job interview, and Evie is an unusual candidate. However, she is less qualified for the position and stands out from the crowd with her no-nonsense attitude. She’s spirited and funny, and she definitely has Merrick’s attention. However, once she joins the company, they both try to focus on work. Merrick is far too often lost in thought when Evie is around, and sometimes overtly shows his admiration for her. He knows that attraction goes both ways, so he has a hard time controlling himself.

Evie’s recent breakup leaves her vulnerable, and Merrick knows a thing or two about it. Three years have passed since he lost Amelia. After six long years together, he thought that he knew his fiancee, but he was wrong. Despite his growing feelings for Evie and his deep attraction to Evie, Merrick might never make the leap to Evie again and risk her heart again were it not for the intervention of his matchmaker grandmother, Kitty, whose advice is to manifest her own happiness . .

The Story of Merrick and Evie is a slow paced tale about two broken hearts who find love and manifest their happy endings. Evie’s story dominates the first part of the story and her humiliation is complete. Merrick is more of a mystery. He seems confident and collected, but the question marks about him keep piling up. His story creeps up on you, just as his pain creeps up on him. His behavior is a little over the top and dramatic, but it works in the end.

There are a few issues that deserve mention. First of all, although Merrick and Evie are said to have an insatiable passion for each other, their story usually has a more serious tone and moves slowly. His story is good but slow, it’s not because of that desperate passion that’s strained. Some of these take a while to rebuild. There are some dates in chapter 26 that don’t make sense when written like this. The story takes place mostly in the summer, over a period of about a month or two, and from what it reads the story places the story in November and December.

This passage frustrated me, I read and re-read it while doing the arithmetic in my head. In the epilogue, Abbey is portrayed as more of a toddler, although a year later she would be around three or four months old. Finally, there are some issues like demand, model neighbors, and property searches that seem important at first, but fade into the background and feel forgotten. Some are checked, but not with the force I expected.

Merrick and Evie’s workplace romance is heartbreaking. There are some laughs throughout their journey and the two have great chemistry. Merrick seems in control and in charge, but he hides his pain well. His grandmother Kitty is a screamer. It has a lot of character and brings lightness to the story. The story is very well written. The plot is somewhat complex and develops slowly. The characters are carefully crafted and authentic. The story is written in first person. The POV alternates between Merrick and Evie.

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