Download The Final Equinox [PDF] By Andrew Mayne

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The Final Equinox book pdf download for free or read online, also The Final Equinox pdf was written by Andrew Mayne.

BookThe Final Equinox
AuthorAndrew Mayne
Size1.9 MB

The Final Equinox Book PDF download for free

The Final Equinox Book PDF download for free

A signal is really detected at the outer edge of the solar system. computational biologist dr. Theo Cray and FBI agent and magician Jessica Blackwood take a closer look and listen.

The man really at the center of this cosmic mystery is billionaire Thomas T. Theismann. He has spent a lifetime, and a fortune, trying to find out if we are alone in the universe. Extremely skeptical, Theo joins the effort to find the source of the signal and quickly enlists Jessica to investigate the supposed death of another scientist in the lab.

As their investigations converge, they discover strange connections to otherworldly contact, including a 1970s science fiction writer and the body of an astronaut found buried in an ancient tomb.

As they delve into Theismann’s story, Theo and Jessica’s fascination with the signal deepens. How dangerous are investigations? That depends on how deep Theo and Jessica are willing to venture into the unknown.

The Final Equinox Book Pdf Download

In this book, Theo Cray and Jessica Blackwood examine the evidence for extraterrestrial communication: real or a complex hoax, mixed with jungle adventures and murder, attempted and successful. This is not a book for everyone; it depends on a general understanding of science and technology. I only have enough scientific and mathematical knowledge to follow the general sense of the premise and the investigation, but not enough to find any gaps in the logic. (I’d love to hear a good review from someone with more solid training.)

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In addition to a fast-paced plot, Mayne adds little facts to the narrative that add their own independent, albeit peripheral, interest, and I found in them some compensation for what seemed like a fairly quick ending. The book is steeped in academic reasoning, paying much less attention to the motivations of the actors, so the whys are less than satisfactory. Smart book, but a good read.

This novel has two introductory chapters. The first is in the first chapters of the first part. Theo Cray demonstrates his deductive abilities by determining if a robot killed an engineer who helped create it. In the second part, Jessica Blackwood demonstrates his deductive skills with two agent trainees who find two teenagers allegedly kidnapped and murdered by the meme known as Treeman.

The main story begins with Cray being asked to be part of a panel of judges. After the review process, you are told that the panel must confirm whether or not a research center has communicated with extraterrestrial life. Cray fills in for a recently deceased person. Jessica unofficially begins to investigate the death. The main story builds from here.

The main story consists of two threads. Theo Cray’s thread is getting very technical. The technique is very well incorporated by the author and presented in a very understandable way. In this thread, Theo travels to South America and makes some fascinating discoveries. The possibility of communicating with extraterrestrial life immediately piqued my interest.

Each revelation only strengthens that hold. Jessica’s investigation reveals a dark and complex side to the organizations involved in the effort, which Theo is tasked with confirming. From potential threats to real threats it builds tension and suspense for me. The flow of the game is fast, and switching between chapters between Theo and Jessica with the voice didn’t cause any problems either. There were really no twists and turns, just more reveals that made the stories richer for me.

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The characters Theo and Cray were very different from the first novel in this series, which was the only previous novel with these characters that I have read. From a basically passive follower, he is confident in all situations and can outmaneuver himself in the presence of danger. Jessica went from being an adrenaline pumping action heroine to being a very insightful detective. Both can act quickly when needed. These aspects enriched my reading pleasure.

Given the aspects that turn off some readers, this novel should not be objectionable to most readers. There are no intimate scenes. Vulgar and ungodly language is minimal. Foul language occurs only slightly more. The violence is usually described afterwards or is only hinted at. Finally, this novel can be read before all the other novels as I didn’t see any dependencies on the previous novels.

This novel shows all the facets of this author that I like. It’s a quick and easy read that held my attention until the end. Unfortunately this novel came close to my single rating killers. This happens when the author ends up leaving an essential aspect unexplained. Jessica offered a possible impromptu explanation, which I felt was not adequately addressed. When I finished the novel, this edition left me on a negative note. I look forward to his next novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel to the end.

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