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Funny You Should Ask book pdf download for free or read online, also Funny You Should Ask pdf was written by Elissa Sussman.

Elissa Sussman is the author of the novel named FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK, as well as the young adult novels STRAY, DRAWN THAT WAY, and BURN.

She has a BA from the Sarah Lawrence College, an MFA from the Pacific University, and in a past life managed animators and organized spreadsheets at some of the world’s top animation studios, including the Nickelodeon, Disney, Dreamworks and Sony Imageworks. Her name appears on the credits of THE CROODS, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG and TANGLED.

She lives Los Angeles with her husband and their two dogs, Basil and Mozzarella.

BookFunny You Should Ask
AuthorElissa Sussman
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Funny You Should Ask Book PDF download for free

Funny You Should Ask Book PDF download for free

After. Twenty-year-old writer Chani Horowitz is stuck. While her former MFA classmates are landing high-profile book deals, she only produces screams. She is then hired to do a profile on movie star Gabe Parker: her number one celebrity and the latest James Bond. All Chani wants to do is stay calm and nail the piece.

But what comes next turns out to be a life changer she never anticipated, as the interview turns into a fast-paced weekend that makes the tabloids shudder, and Chani grows closer to Gabe than she had planned.

Now. Ten years later, after a brutal divorce and a healthy dose of therapy, Chani is back in Los Angeles a successful writer with the career of her dreams.

Aside from the fact that no matter what new essay collection or online editorial board you’re promoting, there’s always someone asking about The Profile. She always comes back to Gabe. When her PR team asks her to meet for a second interview, she declines. She wants to act as if she has forgotten the time together. But the truth is, Chani wants to know if those seventy-two hours were as memorable for Gabe as they were for her. And so . . . she said yes

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Alternating between their first meeting and her reunion a decade later, this delightfully compelling novel will keep you hooked until the last word.

Funny You Should Ask Book Pdf Download

I loved the way this book was written, how the story unfolded between the alternating sections about what happened 10 years ago and today. Scattered throughout are excerpts from various reviews, essays, and Chani’s personal blog from her youth and her newsletter from her youth. A coherent and complete story emerges, told not only from the point of view of the protagonist, but also from the point of view of the outside world.

Chani is a young journalist trying to make a name for herself in the world; Gabe is an aspiring movie star. He was cast as the new James Bond, much to the chagrin of die-hard James Bond fans (An American like James Bond? Sacrilege!). So Chani is given the task of writing an article about Gabe to make casting him as the new James Bond more believable.

What starts as an afternoon chat turns into a weekend together. And it leads to an article by Chani that will boost her career as she gives Gabe the credibility she needs. But it’s at the world’s expense to think that Chani surely must have slept with him to gain the access she did.

10 years later, she is asked to do another interview. They are both older and wiser after going through the turmoil and heartbreak in their lives. Gabe is divorced and has spent two seasons in rehab, Chani has divorced her idiotic husband and is still dealing with the aftermath of that first interview. What starts out as an awkward encounter turns into an opportunity for them to really understand and connect with each other.

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This is one of those books that I had to finish before I could sleep or I would stay up all night thinking about it. I liked not only the writing style but also the story. It is not a typical “romance” novel that follows the specific “romance” formula.

This is the best things about this book. It has a happy ending, so it’s more of a love story than a women’s fiction. And I am saying that because I love the Hollywood famous/nobody trope. It’s my jam. But if they’re selling the book as ideal for readers and fans of The Idea of ​​You, I just HAVE to read it, devour it more accurately. But all the time I fear the end…

The book goes back and forth between the past and the present, as well as articles that talk about the famous hero or the heroine’s achievement as a writer. I enjoyed it until I got to 70% of the book and thought, “Where is the big problem we have to solve to get to the HEA?” So I started thinking, “Can we hurry up a little bit, can’t we?” I have the enough time to fix it and I want my HEA”.

You know when we get to the problem that needs solving? About 95% of the book. Then in one chapter the heroine deals with her doubts and boom! The ending (with another article to reassure us about her HEA) and fixation on absolute zero. In fact, I wanted to see the struggle with her career, the inevitable reaction. He helped her. They get stronger together, etc. Then the article to reassure us. Actually just a few more chapters then it would have gotten 5 stars from me.

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That’s not to say that I didn’t like the book or that I wouldn’t recommend it. I highly recommend it.
My complaint is that after writing incredibly flawed characters, you fall in love with them and all their flaws. She overcomes the biggest hurdle in her relationship and I felt betrayed knowing that she would have written it brilliantly, like the rest of the book.

And damn Jeremy! Could he be more jealous and insecure? I hope all creatives have the opposite of Jeremy in their lives, because it’s hard enough to go out there and deal with rejection, criticism, and trolls. We don’t need Jeremy in our lives to add to our pain when we are vulnerable and share with the world what we have created! We need distance between our art and the negativity of the world (so that it first crushes our spirit and we lose touch with our muse).

Ellisa is quite a great author who created very beautiful and imperfect world populated with flawed and rich characters (just like in real life). She really she makes you believe it could be real life! Could this be someone’s real life? Anyway, read it, eat it and enjoy it. A little heartburn wink, but remember, there is an HEA! Phew

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