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The Flock book pdf download for free or read online, also The Flock pdf was written by J. Todd Scott.

BookThe Flock
AuthorJ. Todd Scott
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The Flock Book PDF download for free

The Flock Book PDF download for free

From J. Todd Scott comes a riveting and unsettling thriller about a cult survivor who must confront the horrors of her past to ensure a secure future.

Ten years after her family was killed in a vicious attack, former cult member Sybilla “Billie” Laure has a whole new identity. She has settled in rural Colorado with her daughter, hoping for a more peaceful life. But the world has other plans.

As wildfires rage and birds fall from the sky, Billie wonders if the doomsday predictions of her father, the cult leader, will finally come true. When an intruder murders her husband and kidnaps her daughter, Billie has no choice but to confront the mysteries of her past. But Billie’s journey also brings other dangers, namely a police chief on her trail, determined to uncover the dangers of the defunct doomsday cult.

To save her daughter, Billie must return to where she started it all: to the devastated New Mexico compound where the real threat is the truth.

The Flock Book Pdf Download

The story is about a cult and is told from different points of view: cult members and law enforcement officials. It also tends to make jumps in time. The main mysteries are: what happened 10 years ago when the cult’s campus was destroyed with a tragic loss of life, and what happens now when the cult reappears.

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I was lost for the first 25% of the book and annoyed by the constant jumps in time and perspective. Nonlinear graphs are very popular these days. I think they’re meant to pique readers’ curiosity, but instead they just irritate me. But once I settled in and got used to this choppy format, I was drawn to the story.

I appreciated the deep insight into the psychological makeup of cult members and the logistics of cult operations. The ones that don’t belong to the cult are also very interesting, they all suffer from different types of trauma. There isn’t a single normally happy or just balanced character in this book.
There is a lot of violence, torture and death, but the author is not content with gory and detailed descriptions of it, but only shows the reader glimpses of the end results. I also appreciated it very much.
I loved the touch of supernatural elements.

It’s a great, deep story with several engaging characters and ticks all the boxes for a good thriller. Until the very end, I couldn’t be sure who the main villain was, or even if there was one. I would probably classify it as a psychological thriller. But I didn’t like that the plot was fragmented by constant time jumps. Given that 4 stars instead of 5. The story is so good that it could be better told linearly and still be exciting.

Throughout the book there are related “found material” sections meant to be almost like items in a police file on the events of the story. These sections include items like court documents and transcripts, web articles, game scripts, podcast transcripts, FBI reports, medical records, birth certificates, autopsy reports, and more. These documents are formatted to look like actual supplements, with a different font and style than the rest of the book.

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The main chapters alternate between the first-person of Billie Laure, the main character, and also the third-person perspective of police chief Elise Blue. We go back and forth, getting bits of the story from each of its angles as the plot unfolds. Some of the events in the story belong to the past, such as the death of the cult members in 2015; while much of the book is set in the future, from around 2024 to 2026.

Due to the unusual structure of this book, it may take you a while to get your bearings and summarize what is happening. This was a bit confusing at first, but it adds to the feeling that the reader is a detective who has to solve the mystery. The author is a former DEA agent and seems to use his familiarity with procedures and case files to expand the story and create the feeling of working a case.

I enjoyed reading this. The supplemental material from the case file was an interesting change, and I felt it added a degree of realism and intrigue to the story. There was enough action to keep turning the pages and I felt like it was more about the journey than the destination. There were certain parts that I was hoping would go in a different direction, but overall I thought the story was pretty good and I appreciated this unusual approach to telling a story.

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