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Gleam ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 3 ) book pdf download for free or read online, also Gleam ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 3 ) pdf was written by Raven Kennedy.

Raven Kennedy is something of a tea and dark chocolate girl and can often be found watching The Office or The Great British Baking Show.

She likes to write all kinds of books because each one offers a different experience. Whatever the genre, she hopes to create characters that you can root for.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s with her family, probably messing up a recipe or going on a hike that she thinks she can do, but really she can’t because she remembers she can just sit in front of the computer. all day and write. her heart.

BookGleam ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 3 )
AuthorRaven Kennedy
Size1.8 MB

Gleam Book PDF download for free

Gleam Book PDF download for free

Trapped in a new realm with no allies of my own, something inside me was released.

Something dark. A little angry.

It is my wrath that calls him: King Ravinger.

Dark, powerful and all too seductive, its danger is matched only by my unrelenting attraction.

But I won’t be trapped in a cage again.

Gleam Book Pdf Download

This whole series was pretty good (FYI it’s not a romance as there is no HEA yet and the other books don’t even have HFN endings), this book really…shone, if you’ll excuse the pun .

Raven Kennedy is an author I’ve been a fan of for a while, and reading Gleam made a part of me feel like a proud mother hen. His writing has matured in the best of ways and gotten delightfully complex, and I feel like with Gleam he’s really offering clues as to the best way to pay off his hard work and growth.

I really enjoyed this book very much.

It’s a clever series in many ways, but one thing I love is that the fairies in these books are otherworldly in many ways, including their somewhat monstrous appearance. We’re used to beautiful fairies rooted in the Irish myths of the Tuatha de Daanan, but here we get fairies who aren’t just beautiful people with monstrous natures… they’re actually bestial, and I love that.

It’s really a clever way to frame the myth of King Midas. Playing with the concept of man and beast, man and monster, Kennedy is able to show abuse and gaslighting in a way that simultaneously empowers the victim and makes the reader stop and think about the kinds of narratives that her controlled life.

After all, there are too many Midas Kings out there robbing us of our ability to be ourselves.

We left Aura in a frustrating situation in the last book, and in this book we finally see her break free from Midas’ embrace. I loved how Rip was willing to keep waiting for her and I respected all of her decisions because he won’t take the liberty to decide for her.

But if she decides to.. the moment we’ve all been waiting for is very good.

Sexy, smart, fast-paced and captivating, this book is an excellent part of this series. You will enjoy these books if you are looking for a new interpretation of Greek fairy tales and storybooks, or if you have read the first two in the series.

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Gleam is the third book in the Plated Prisoner series by the incredible Raven Kennedy. The Plated Prisoner series is an adult dark fantasy retelling of King Midas, and it’s also my new favorite series of all time. In case you’re wondering, my favorite series so far has been the Heart Hassle series, also by Raven Kennedy. That should tell you everything you need to know about his books. So if you want my short review, here it is: Read the Books of Raven Kennedy. She’s amazing, this series is amazing and it hasn’t gotten enough love.

Gleam picks up right where Glint left off in this insane cliffhanger. We travel back to this room with Auras and Commander Rip, and I’m just as shaken as Auras were back then. The cliffhanger at the end of Glint took me completely by surprise and kept me thinking about nothing else in the months leading up to the release of Gleam. In case you need a quick refresher, Auren is King Midas’ favorite: his golden saddle. En route to King Midas, their newly acquired Fifth Kingdom, Auren and the other Saddles were captured by pirates and later intercepted by the Fourth Kingdom’s feared army: King Red’s army.

While being held captive by King Red’s army, Auren learned more about freedom and herself than ever while living in the golden luxury of King Midas’ court in the Sixth Kingdom. In Gleam, Auren and the saddles are returned to Midas, but Auren isn’t the same caged woman she was when she left, and Midas doesn’t particularly like her new attitude.

Gleam is about Aura finding her courage, strength and independence. I loved watching auras bloom and shine alone. This series has such fantastic character development. The writing and narrative are very strong, and these books are a magic that begs you to discover them. The romance is also greatly increased in this book and the hot scenes are pure perfection. #Auripforver, that’s all I’ll say about the romance, but believe me, the romance is worth the wait for the first two books.

It’s great couple goals and book friend goals! In addition to the warm-up romance, we also learn a lot more about Midas, Auras and Commander Rip. There are so many plot twists that I honestly didn’t see them coming. I like to think I’m pretty good at finding a plot twist, but Raven Kennedy can drop a bombshell on you like it’s nobody’s business. She’s the queen when it comes to keeping readers on their toes, and all the twists and turns in this book were insane. Some were utter perfection while others gutted me completely. I’m still not good at thinking about some of them.

These books are such a special gift to explore and enjoy what I’ve done with Gleam. I enjoyed it. It’s a great guy at 600+ pages and when I found powerful passages or sexy passages or amazing passages I read them several times before continuing because honestly I fell deeply in love with this book and this series. I don’t want these books to end.

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I just want to enjoy them over and over again, which is really saying something. Raven Kennedy is a wonderful writer. She truly deserves some more attention because her books are incredibly captivating. I’ve read almost all of her books (Savannah Erben, I’m coming for you now) and I love all of her series whether it’s funny, dark, sexy, indie or series, they’re all fantastic.

She writes characters that dig into your heart and mind, and before you know it, they’re all you can think of. His books are like falling in love for the first time: they are gripping, exciting and absolutely captivating. If you’re looking for your next favorite read featuring your new best friends, complex characters to root for, and of course incredibly hot book buddies, the Raven Kennedy books have you covered.

The Plated Prisoner series is a perfect place to start. The first three books are out now and they are absolutely perfect. I love this series so much. It’s my favorite series of all time, and I’m willing to bet that once you get your hands on it, it’ll become one of your favorites too. Gleam is my favorite book in the series but it’s hard to pick one because they’re all so good!

Well, I wasn’t expecting THAT. Every book has gotten better and better and this one did NOT disappoint! It has everything: conspiracy, manipulation, murder, revenge, spice, romance and so much action that it kept people away from me lest I be interrupted. Because I couldn’t put this book down!

Auren knows the truth about Midas. And where you didn’t want to see it before, now there’s no way you can turn a blind eye. She is painfully aware that she must make choices that will benefit her, not just him.

“He made me suffer for years. It took control away from me. Now it’s time for me to take it back.”

Midas finally has his “Precious” back. He reminds me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings every time he says that to him. And every time he looks at her. Basically he’s Gollum in my eyes now. In this novel we take a look at Midas’ past and why he thinks his actions are justified. We also get to see some of his behind-the-scenes actions, which really emotionalized me.

Slade is perfection. The slow burn is finally coming to fruition and… That. It is wonderful. Honestly, my favorite bits are when he’s not trying to save her, but when he’s lifting her up and encouraging her to do it herself. He is in no way their white knight. He is her dark, scorching fire within her, igniting passion in her and her deeds.

“I’ll be the villain for you. Not to you.”

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I love that cheeky Auren is back! I missed her at Glint, but she’s making her presence felt again here. All of the secondary characters reappear, but are definitely left out in favor of the further development of the plot, which didn’t bother me at all. Where the first two books felt slower, this one was action packed.

And the suspense… All I can say is thank goodness Glow just came out because you’re going to need it after reading the final chapter in Gleam!

This book is one of the best books I have ever read. hands down Do not answer. Is it a lifting of the veil, a survivor’s birth story, and maybe even a villain’s origin story? This book offers as much beauty, spice, and perfection as it does devastation and a million unanswered questions, and I fell in love with every page! This review will have HUGE spoilers for the first two books but none for this part so proceed with caution.

This book picks up where the last book left off… yes, with THIS reveal! And with that, we’re immediately thrown into a massive political tug-of-war between Midas and King Ravinger, with our girl Auren right in the middle. Auren remains determined to remain “changed” and somehow find a way out of her cage once and for all.

Auren’s revelations about Rip and her magnetic attraction to Slade add an interesting dynamic to her journey and her questions about kings, truth and lies, and her own worth. The questions she asks herself, and the pain she feels for having lied to so many people in her life for so long, are as realistic and painful as they are cathartic and beautiful.

This book is, above all, a love story between Auras and themselves and what that inevitably means for their future. The perfect complement to this is the slow burn between her and Rip as she tries to determine if allying with another king is a good thing, or if she’s just trading one cage for another. Seeing Rip’s character develop and seeing more of his mind and the way he works kind of makes him even sexier and my god the way he cares for, respects and supports auras is absolutely EVERYTHING. Oh, and if you’re in the mood for some dirty talk, this man delivers spades!

As Auren builds her confidence and strength, finds her path and possibly a way out, discovers a family she never expected, and the white-hot romance between her and Rip, nothing quite prepares her for the final 20% of this book. I’ve never had a book shock me, devastate me, and emotionally pulverize me like the ending of this book. Even reading it again, knowing what was to come, it still hurt like the first time. I still have no words.

All in all, the end of this book ends on a slightly satisfying note, but leaves a EVIL cliffhanger. My jaw has dropped since I finished this book last summer and I’m SO, SO READY to jump into Glow and see what the heck is next for our golden girl!

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