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Gild ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 1 ) book pdf download for free or read online, also Gild ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 1 ) pdf was written by Raven Kennedy.

Raven Kennedy is something of a tea and dark chocolate girl and can often be found watching The Office or The Great British Baking Show.

She likes to write all kinds of books because each one offers a different experience. Whatever the genre, she hopes to create characters that you can root for.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s with her family, probably messing up a recipe or going on a hike that she thinks she can do, but really she can’t because she remembers she can just sit in front of the computer. all day and write. her heart.

BookGild ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 1 )
AuthorRaven Kennedy
Size1.4 MB

Gild Book PDF download for free

Gild Book PDF download for free

From bestselling author Raven Kennedy comes the first book in a stunning new fantasy series perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The myth of King Midas reinterpreted. This captivating adult fantasy series is as addictive as it is unexpected. With romance, intrigue and danger, the golden world of Orea will grab you from the first page.

This book contains explicit content and darker elements, including adult language, violence, and non-consensual sex. It is not for persons under the age of 18. This is the first book in a series.

Gild Book Pdf Download

Short, spoiler-free summary: Auras are King Midas’ most prized possessions. Not only does she have a gorgeous golden touch (hair, skin, eyes, all sparkling, gorgeous gold), she’s also a longtime friend and lover of his, and he keeps her in a gild cage for most of her life. The political tension rises and Auren finds herself at the center of struggle, tension, violence, death… and also freedom. But who is she if not in a gilded cage displayed like Midas’s greatest treasure? Who can he become, beyond the bars of his beautiful prison?

Genre: Fantasy/Romance
POV: PRESENTING first person
Violence: High
Smut: Mid-Range – A few explicit sex scenes
Romance: Medium… still not sure where this is headed
Diversity marker: difficult to measure as it is a fantasy. I haven’t noticed any skin colors other than the occasional white/fair skin and no LGBTQA representatives so far (although in fairness the book is written from the perspective of a character who has literally been incarcerated his whole life…)
Triggers: rape, manipulation, gaslighting, bondage, abuse, foul language

If you like fantasy/romantic settings like ACOTAR, you might like it! It’s politics and fantasy, with some really solid characters and hints of romance. Despite being Kindle Unlimited, it’s grammatically well-written, and the dialogue feels authentic. The pacing felt a bit slow at first, but it also feels very good for the first book in a series.

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I’ve seen other reviews criticize this book as “garbage” because the opening chapter is an orgy.

I think it’s important to understand that the genre of this book is ADULT FANTASY ROMANCE. It grows up, dark, romantic and political. Opening with a hot scene isn’t the most unsettling thing that happens in this book, and it’s important to understand that it’s part of the genre. If you want something sweet and light this is not for you. But this book is not garbage. It’s well written, well edited and the characters are developed and strong.

Some slight spoilers ahead for later books, so read with caution:

This series is very attractive. I’ve read books 1-3 so far because book 4 isn’t out yet and I gave them 4-5 stars. The pacing is a bit slow in terms of plot progression. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not a reading assignment and I don’t need to get bored, actually everything happens at a snail’s pace if that makes sense.

I personally think this series could have ended with a few more chapters with Book 3, but it has the potential to continue with several more books depending on future events and characters the author wants to focus on. Still, I’m very happy with the ending of book 3 and wish it would end with an epilogue. I want to see where this all goes, so I’ll keep reading, but I always worry that more books means more filler and that the story has the potential to go in the wrong direction.

We’ll see how this all plays out in future installments. Anyway, book 3 ended with a bang and most of the issues from the previous books were resolved nicely so it could have closed the series but it didn’t. I actually thought this series was finished and I always wait for the series to be finished before I start reading, so the fact that it’s not was a nasty surprise because the wait for book 4 is quite long.

However, I’m hoping that Auras will finally take over in Book 4. As a character, he’s probably the most frustrating mindset I’ve ever had the misfortune to become addicted to. I love her and I hate her, all because of her mental gymnastics. I was trying to be nice, but at certain points I wanted to jump through my Kindle and smack her. Their journey is difficult for them and for us readers. That’s a big reason I couldn’t give this series 5 stars overall because I was so frustrated and depressed by his stupid actions and decisions. But despite everything, it all comes together in a satisfying way and it’s a great story overall.

I highly recommend this series, with the caveat that you may want to wait for it to finish before beginning so you can fully immerse yourself from start to finish. I have read all the books within a few days and will probably forget many important details while waiting for the next book(s) to be published. I hate that!

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It’s rare to find an author who doesn’t glorify Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to it. I was cautious at first because of course the boundaries in this genre often blur and I’m not one to sit back and relax. Yes, Stockholm has auras, that’s obvious, but also her awareness that things might not be as perfect as she originally thought them is starting to tickle her. Unfortunately, this makes Auren’s character very weak and I started to get frustrated with her not making an effort. Without sounding cruel, I’m willing to accept that she’s been through a lot, although she lets these things continue. So in a way I’m learning like auras.

Most of this story was easy to eat. But after reading the rest of the series, I realized that Raven Kennedy’s writing style can be very lengthy, making it a pain to read. Here’s a very unique story clogged only with repetitive thoughts, key symbols from other books, and a plot so slow it was like watching harder gold pour out of a cup. By the time I got to book three it almost stopped. To be honest I even deleted the lines here and there because I’ve heard them a dozen times.

Although I complain, I’ve flown through these books. I still had to get my feet out of the mud all the way. Honestly, there were too many Acotar vibes. Reading made her feel, if not always, like something she had seen before, just in a different skin. Also, the characters lack backstories. It slowly fills up a bit as you progress through the series, but more holes will be added as you meet new characters.

Auren was unique. The author omits a lot of information to make you wonder which one I liked. Until later books, he still didn’t know the endings and exits of his characters. The tapes were my favorites. A bit strange but I got used to it after a while. I also started to care about the other characters and their little quirks, although like I said I had no background.

Magic characters had too many mismatched attributes. It’s almost as if the author put pieces in a bowl and randomly pulled them. Fangs, spikes, scales…ok, I think we’re good…no. Unfortunately, that often happens, especially in raunchy books where the men not only have one great attribute, but of course they also have horns, fangs, wings, and infinite stamina. Just very unrealistic even in an imaginary world.

The lack of a map always disappoints me, especially when you have a large kingdom divided and even more so when the characters travel. To me, it’s just a missed opportunity to further engage the reader. So many complaints, but it didn’t satiate my curiosity.

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Gild is the first book in an adult fantasy romance called The Plated Prisoner Series by the incredible Raven Kennedy. Raven Kennedy is fast becoming one of my favorite authors of all time. She writes the most addictive books with some of the best characters! Gild is a little different and a little darker than the other Raven Kennedy books I’ve read. It’s a gritty recreation of King Midas’ story and I became completely obsessed with it. Book two, Glint, is out today and I was late to read both books this weekend. If you’re a fan of dark adult fantasies, then the Plated Prisoner series is a must for you!

In Gild we meet our main character, Auren, King Midas’ favorite pet with a touch of gold. Midas keeps auras in a luxurious gilded cage visible to all as a symbol of his power. Auren’s cage and her relationship with Midas intrigued me. His cage occupies the entire top floor of the castle, with cages built into each room and barred corridors connecting the entire room, allowing him to roam freely around the castle.

It’s interesting because at the beginning of the book, Auren desperately wants to be in her cage to protect her. From what, we don’t know. But we do know that she had a very hard life as an orphan on the streets until Midas rescued her. She has known him since before he was king, which explains much of their connection. He feels very indebted to Midas for saving his life. She accompanied him to the castle when he married the queen and became the king with the golden hands.

He loved auras. She is fascinating. I discovered one of her secrets early on, but Raven Kennedy managed to surprise me several times throughout the book. Book one does a great job building the world. In the Plated Prisoner series, the country is divided into six kingdoms, and when Midas takes over a neighboring kingdom, he sends for his darling and his other royal “saddles” (think an elegant concubine) to join them in the neighboring country.

On the way, the caravan is stolen and the story gets even more interesting. I don’t want to give too much away but I loved every part of this story. Although this will be a fantasy romance, there is almost no actual romance in book one, but don’t let that put you off. After reading Book 2 I’m even more in love with this series and I already know I’m going to love the romance. If you’re a fan of dark fantasies involving interesting magic with magnetic characters and fantastic writing, Plated Prisoners is a must-read series.

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