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Hollywood book pdf download for free or read online, also Hollywood pdf was written by Sapphire Knight.

AuthorSapphire Knight
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Hollywood Book PDF download for free

Hollywood Book PDF download for free

My mind is a mess, chaos has always surrounded me somehow. It’s all been a struggle, an unrelenting struggle to find that semblance of peace I so desperately long for. I’ve tried to extricate myself from self-inflicted turmoil, but it’s difficult. I lost a son, a son who should have been mine, and the delusion runs deep.

I shouldn’t have expected less when Hollywood blew up the bar that day. It came like a hurricane, a bittersweet one that I knew I had to have. She was different, but they always are, right? I would have to be to catch someone like me.

And now I find myself dreaming again of a woman to call my own and share my time with. Hollywood only amplifies my deepest desires, but with my ex’s betrayal, I don’t know if I can overcome my inner struggles and finally own a life I’ve been praying for. As with any great storm, you never really know what’s in store for you, and I’m fighting.
For her.

Oath Keepers MC – Hollywood – is a sexy MC romance with no catch. It has a no-voltage HEA and can be read independently. Hollywood has 179 pages.

Hollywood Book Pdf Download

Chaos is part of the Oath Keepers MC, he is also a former professional soccer player; He’s a good mix of sensitive and alpha male. I really liked his character, he is also a serious former nomad, but lately he wants to settle down, especially when he hits Hollywood.

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He has a past with a nasty ex-wife that really changed his perspective on long-term relationships with women. Hollywood has a terrible upbringing and an even worse ex-baby daddy who forced her to come to Texas and then left her stranded there. She was able to get a bartender job and is saving every penny to go back and pick up her baby and support her.

She doesn’t have time for a handsome biker to invade her life. When her ex takes things a little too far and no one else steps in to help (which I think is a little dodgy), Chaos steps in without overdoing it. He lets her handle it and it just shows as extra muscle. I really loved that. I liked that he could give her that moment of power without turning her into a damsel in need of rescue.

Upon learning of their situation, Chaos convinces Hollywood to let him help them find their baby. After a nasty run they barely manage to pull off, Chaos finds more than he bargained for in the back of the cab. Things are also heating up for RBMC. Oath Keepers is on lockdown and poor Hollywood is adjusting to clubhouse life.

Not wanting to go overboard with their money but knowing they need a place to stay; Chaos arranges a small house which he sees as a permanent home for her. However, Hollywood doesn’t want to be beholden to any man, nor does it want to take advantage of the chaos. She doesn’t know where she stands with him as he has yet to claim her for either club. There is a happy ending at the end and I honestly can’t wait to read the story of Torch and Flame being totally addicted to these two.

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Hollywood is a bartender with a lot of cheek and a careful heart. Chaos is a biker whose past made him trust his own problems. When Chaos meets the naughty little waitress who’s trying to take down any men who flirt with her, she can’t help but admire her strength. You may even be ready to open your sheltered heart.

This book had such great and funny banter between the main characters. I always appreciate a strong hero who is willing to make herself vulnerable for a hero. This book was touching and sweet. It made me smile as cheekily as the heroine was able to spontaneously spit. I loved that Chaos was supportive and while he protected her, he supported her in her own struggles.

Of course I appreciate it when the MC books are written in such a way that you also feel connected to the secondary characters. I loved Cherry’s friendship with Chaos and I loved the family feel between this group of bikers. The story was a bit predictable but it was still a great read to break up those heavy reads. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sapphire Knight’s MC books and delving into their biker families.

This book is good for someone who likes MC books with a strong and cheeky heroine and some funny banter between the characters. There were definitely some good raunchy scenes for those who like open door romance. I would suggest this as a great and refreshing book to break up from some heavier reading.

Argh! I love this author’s MC stories and this one is just as entertaining as any I’ve read. I missed a few so I’ll have to fix that soon! However, the beginning has a great explanation of who is who in this MC world and beyond, so it was easy to sit back and be entertained by these wonderful characters.

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Without a doubt, Chaos is absolutely beautiful both inside and out, he is as loyal and supportive to his MC family as he is to his royal family. Honestly, the way it’s described, I’m head over heels in love with it! ♥️ Hollywood is a very good match for Chaos, she is a strong and determined woman who uses her past mistakes to guide her future. Hello…I only liked her for that!

When the action heats up, you sometimes feel your heart pounding in your chest with anticipation and worry. There’s certainly a range of emotions you feel reading this, let’s just say if Chaos’ ex was around the least I’d want to do to her is a good quick kick in the ass. ?

With plenty of detailed descriptions of the characters and settings that make it very easy to imagine each scene, this fast-paced story makes a fantastic read. I also love the interesting characters involved in the story and not just the Oath Keepers MC. For these reasons I gave the half star extra.

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