Download Seductively Undead In Dark River [PDF] By Grace McGinty

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Seductively Undead In Dark River book pdf download for free or read online, also Seductively Undead In Dark River pdf was written by Grace McGinty.

BookSeductively Undead In Dark River
AuthorGrace McGinty
Size1.6 MB

Seductively Undead In Dark River Book PDF download for free

Seductively Undead In Dark River Book PDF download for free

Twenty years have passed since Raine Baxter became the leader of a strange mishmash of supernatural beings.

Twenty years during which she raised a family, protected her new citizens and was completely loved by the men who gave her her love. Raine should be happy. And it was insane.
Except for one little thing.

She didn’t want to be a leader. He didn’t want to put on the mantle of responsibility and be in control of the fate and life of others. I wanted to bake cupcakes and have lots of Big O’s.

He wanted to stay in Dark River with his friends and lovers instead of traveling the world putting out political fires and rescuing creatures that challenged his imagination.

The incantation said she could step down if she could find someone strong enough to replace her, and there was only one creature on everyone’s lips; The demon of the night.

Raine and his boys hid in the shadows of Amsterdam and wanted to find him and put a crown on him so they could finally start their happy life.
But nothing really goes according to plan, especially when your name is Raine Baxter…

Seductively Undead In Dark River Book Pdf Download

I don’t want to give spoilers, so I won’t go into the plot, but this book was everything I wanted. I’m feeling pretty down because this will be the last one, but I’m also thankful that we have book 4. I feel like I could read countless more books about these characters. I literally never tire of reading this series. When I’m sick, I read these books. When I’m feeling down, I read these books.

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These books are like my comfort food. It’s the chocolate mashed potato cake from the book series. Grace McGinty is one of my favorite authors. Reading your books is easy for me. I never have to leave her to take a break or read something else because I’m bored. If you’re not confident reading this, don’t be. It’s such a fun and engaging conclusion to an already amazing story!

My favorite McGinty character is back in this new addition to Dark River. Raine is back with all her boys and determined to give up her place on the draft council. To do this, he must find a high-performance replacement for his seat. Of course, pure hilarity comes with a good dose of steam and really moving moments.

This group of characters soothes my soul in every way, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to really let them go. There’s some fantastic jokes and humor (pun intended!), a little bit of violence, and lots of love in Seductively Undead in Dark River. While this may be Raine’s last book, I’m excited to see who else in this epic world will tell their story!

This is a reverse harem done right! McGinty is simply a master at it and never forgets that the fmc should always be the heart and soul of the dynamic and not a sidetrack. But other than that, McGinty does an amazing job of building worlds and creating great characters to hang on to and meddle with. He also writes a very good story. And I love it when their stories overlap.

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This book was everything! This series was my introduction to Grace McGinty and I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole ever since. That this particular series is coming to an end is bittersweet. I loved all of these characters so much! The last book in the series is like the others and you won’t want to stop turning the pages.

20 years later, Raine and all his boys Walker, Judge, X, Nico, Lucius, Brody and Tex are happily together and enjoying their life together in Dark River. Nur – Raine has officially left the Convocation of Endangered Preternatural Creatures. She never wanted power and responsibility, she just wants to live happily undead with her husbands, bake cupcakes and try not to mess up her wolf shifter pups.

When the council decides that their only way out is to find someone with as much or more power as their successor, their search begins in Amsterdam with rumors about The Night Demon. It’s only when she and her boys get there that they realize how obsessed they are with her. Raine hadn’t expected that Vali or Orthus and all the underlying feelings and thoughts he would have. After all, the woman already has a harem of seven!

This book is full of laughter, romance and pure Ste@m! I loved every minute of it. The back and forth between her and her boys is funny and touching. We get more of her relationship with Lucius as we haven’t seen them together that much and his madness to calm her down just makes up for it all! I loved everything about this book.

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The ending was perfect and while I ALWAYS want more of these characters, I’m very happy with the ending to this series. Maybe one day we can have a 100 year epilogue or something with Raine and his boys, I’d love to read that. I look forward to the next great series by this author!

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