Download Home Sweet Home [PDF] By Lacey Black

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Home Sweet Home book pdf download for free or read online, also Home Sweet Home pdf was written by Lacey Black.

BookHome Sweet Home
AuthorLacey Black
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Home Sweet Home Book PDF download for free

Home Sweet Home Book PDF download for free

Home Sweet Home is the sixth book in the Crue Burgers and Brew series. This is the story of Kallie and Leo. This story was a very emotional but very good story. I loved Leo and Kallie. Leo was discharged from the army and Kallie is the waitress at Burgers and Brew who takes care of her father after an accident. They both have their fair share of baggage and neither is looking for love. I loved his ride, although it brought me to tears at some points! It was an amazing story!

This small town romance was emotional and beautiful. The story flowed smoothly and I couldn’t stop reading.

Home Sweet Home Pdf Download

Kallie and Leo are two people who don’t want to find love. Leo has a past that has left scars. He doesn’t believe love is worth it and leaves only pain. Kallie has returned home to help her injured father. When he’s not working the bar, he helps his father and runs his horse ranch. She has no time for romance. The moment the two meet, they can’t stay away from each other.

I loved how Kallie and Leo’s relationship developed. Despite their chemistry, they try to resist but can’t. They spend time together and develop a relationship based on friendship and a deep bond, despite the instant connection they feel.

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Leo is wary and can be a little grumpy at times when trying not to get close to others. It was a beauty and a natural transition when she found love. He is protective and caring deeply. I loved his loyalty and dedication. The way Kallie and a stray dog tore down her walls gave me all the feelings.

Leo and Kallie’s story is heartwarming. There’s hilarious dialogue, jokes, fantastic supporting characters and moments that will warm your heart.

This can be read on its own but the characters from the earlier books play a huge part in the story and create such an amazing found family in the bar Kallie works at. I highly recommend reading all of the books in the Burgers and Brew Crüe series.

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